Wednesday 7 December 2022


Cover version of the month #82

Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions cover The Jesus & Mary Chain

The Jesus & Mary Chain released Automatic, their 3rd album, back in 1989. The CD version added a couple of bonus songs; Drop and Sunray, on top of the 10 songs available on the LP version.

Drop is a beautiful song that the band would go on to rerecord for the Stoned & Dethroned album sessions and this version came out on the Sometimes Always CD single.

Sometimes Always, a duet with the divine Hope Sandoval, is one of my very favourite songs, so there is some synergy in the fact that a b-side of that song was the opening track on Bavarian Fruit Bread, her 2001 debut album as Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions.

Good God, I could listen to Hope Sandoval sing the phone book and feel moved. Hope's dreamy voice hypnotises me. Glockenspiel is sprinkled over a raw acoustic guitar and very gentle percussion and Sandoval comes in with vocals set to stun.

The way you drop

Is like a stone

Making out you're flying

But you've just been thrown

Drop is a beautiful song and Hope Sandoval adds dreamy qualities to make it almost lullaby like.

The original Mary Chain version is only 2-minutes long. Sublimely raw, Jim Reid's vocals have that elegantly wasted quality that he delivers so well over just a couple of chords, understated strings, light percussion and a Velvets-y lead guitar on top. Classic Mary Chain. The lyrics are imaginative, druggy, provocative and have a religious reference in the kiss off line.

I should have guessed

When I took that pill

Do I love her still?

Well, did Jesus kill?

I love the original, I mean, it's pretty perfect. But I also love the version from the Stoned and Dethroned era. It's a little more country blues, a little more groovy, sounding like the Mary Chain could well have taken a trip to Memphis with their Primal Scream buddies around that time. 

In short, Drop is a brilliant song, check out the links to the recordings below. All 3 are added to my Cool Cover Versions playlist. AND as a bonus check the live version from Creations Undrugged show at the Royal Albert Hall from 1994!

Drop JAMC original version

Drop JAMC Re-recorded version

Drop live at The Royal Albert Hall JAMC w/ Hope Sandoval

Drop Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions

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