Wednesday 28 April 2021

The Indica Gallery EP by Andy Bell

 The Indica Gallery was a counterculture art gallery in swinging central London between 1965-1967, most famously known for being the place that John Winston Lennon met Yoko Ono. In one of my favourite Lennon interviews he describes this meeting; walking in and seeing some step ladders and a magnifying glass, he perches on top of the ladders and peers through to see the word YES. If it had been NO or MAYBE then he might not have stayed, but the positive nature appealed to him and he stayed. The rest, as they say, is history.

Anyway, The Indica Gallery EP is the first of three EP's that Andy Bell is releasing between April and June 2021. Each EP will be released in a different format; 12-inch, 10-inch and then 7-inch, hence the series will be called Ever Decreasing Circles.

Bell's debut solo album The View From Halfway Down was one of my top 10 albums of 2020 and Andy also very kindly gave a very insightful interview for the blog around the release of his single Love Comes In Waves.

I love the creative energy that seems to be pouring out of Bell. Ride have produced some incredible music since reforming, while outwith that, Andy is releasing experimental electronic music under the guise of GLOK and psychedelic guitar pop with lots of grooves under his own name.

Electronic music and blissful psychedelic grooves gel on the 6-track The Indica Gallery EP as the artist Pye Corner Audio is let loose on 5 of the gems from Bell's debut solo album; Indica, Skywalker, Cherry Cola, Love Comes In Waves and I Was Alone. The 6th song is Bell in his GLOK guise also remixing Indica.

The remix of Cherry Cola is a particular favourite. The last couple of minutes are beautifully dreamy, there is feedback in the background as a sublime electronic riff is allowed to run and run, before fading to the guitar riff from the original.

Elsewhere I Was Alone just seems to float and glide. Ladies and Gentleman, we are definitely floating in space with this beauty! The pH value on this remix is a clear 14. Sublime.

Love Comes In Waves is transformed into ... well psychedelic waves that just keep coming! Skywalker sounds like it could do with a 12-inch all to itself, just taking off before teasingly being brought back down.

Love Comes In Waves (Pye Corner Audio remix)

With Indica it's interesting to compare two different artist taking on the same song. Pye Corner Audio layers beats and synths, creating a warm melting pot you could easily get lost in. Then Bell, as GLOK, starts with blips before adding beats, synth bass and then introducing a riff that reminds you this a remix, taking you on a trip. The remix compliments the original perfectly. 

The Indica Gallery EP is further proof that Andy Bell is in a rich vein of form right now. He seems to be blessed not only with real creative energy, but with the outlet to get things out there. Martin Jenkins aka Pye Corner Audio, works wonders, taking the songs to new places, yet they feel right, like this is a journey they had to go on.

Jenkins and Bell met at The Social in October 2019 for label Sonic Catherdral's 15th birthday party

"Pye Corner Audio was headlining with bdrmm and myself playing live sets, as well as Simone Marie Butler, Maps and others djing. Before this legendary night was over, Martin and I agreed we would work together on something, sometime. I wasn't sure he' remember the conversation, but luckily he did."      Andy Bell

"It gave me a great deal of pleasure working on these remixes, and I think the EP is a fitting companion piece to the album." Martin Kenkins aka Pye Audio Corner

Andy Bell - Bandcamp

Cherry Cola (Pye Corner Audio remix)

Pye Audio Corner - Bandcamp

Friday 23 April 2021

Endless Arcade

Teenage Fanclub's 10th studio album (12th if you count The King and Words Of Wisdom and Hope) was originally scheduled to be released in Autumn 2020. The band decided to push it back to Spring 2021 and I think that will prove to be a wise decision, the timing feels perfect.

Written and recorded pre COVID, Endless Arcade mirrors many of the emotions we've all been through over the last year; emotions have run high, there has been separation, hearts have been broken, friendships mean even more, we've needed advice, support and we've all wanted someone to tell us there is hope of brighter days. 

As I write over coffee, with sun streaming through the window to the sounds of the album playing for the umpteenth time, I'd say the Endless Arcade is fantastic on first listen, but it reveals greater depths the more you play it; the lyrics, the voices, the playing, Euros' keyboards low in the mix at times but adding so much (you'll hear and appreciate them more with every listen), Dave's bass grooves, Francis' considerate and always brilliant drumming, Raymond's exceptional guitar playing and the gorgeous harmonies.

I've had tears in my eyes at times, I've got lost in it at others, I've smiled, and now, more than ever, I'm so grateful that this special band have been in my life for so long. This may be Teenage Fanclub's most direct and personal album. 

Lets go through it song by song.

I've been losing sight of what it means to be

And all this time I've been holding on, to our memory 

Norman Blake sounds wistful on the reflective Home that opens Endless Arcade. Blake's heartache is clearly portrayed by his lyrics, the tone in his voice and the feeling is beautifully echo'd by his friend and bandmate Raymond McGinley on electric guitar. 

As Blake sings I just don't know when I'll open that door again for the final time, McGinley takes over and takes off, leading the band for four further minutes. It's a glorious melancholic jam to end a beautiful song, I can't wait to hear this live. Home is 7 minutes and 4 seconds of Teenage Fanclub at their very best.

Heartache, heartbreak, love, reflection and friendship are at the heart of Endless Arcade. Norman pours his heart out and Raymond seems to wrap his arms around him in return. 

Home video

Don't be afraid of this life, don't be afraid of this endless arcade that is life is McGinley's advice on the title track. The rhythm guitars crash and there is a keyboard/synth solo that comes in unexpectedly to lift things leading to McGinley going into a melodic flow towards the conclusion.

Warm Embrace is 2-minutes long and the melody, beat and structure reminded me instantly of Norman's work with Euros in their side project Jonny. Warm Embrace is an outpouring of frustration with Norman openly declaring exactly where he is mentally and emotionally;

I've been lost and lonely, and I've been thinking of you only

Your love can save me, from the darkness that unfolds me

A pale imitation of the life I knew, I'm all forlorn for the loss of you

Now I don't know what I'm going to do

When I first heard Everything Is Falling Apart I immediately thought the opposite. The first song released after the departure of Gerry Love sounded like a band with the bit between their teeth to me. Relax, find love, hold on to the hand of a friend is Raymond's advice as the band settle into a groove, there are delicious bass runs from Dave, an outstanding solo from McGinley, Norman really drives the rhythm guitar and Francis is in sensational form on drums. I love the outro, it sounds like it could have been extended and the band could have taken the song off somewhere else. 

Falling Apart? Coming together more like - of course I miss Gerry, but this album is real proof that there is a lot of life left in the band, indeed, it already sounds like they are planning the follow up. Let's hope they break the 5-year routine between albums that they have got into.

Video from Leith Theatre

Teenage Fanclub by Donald Milne

The Sun Won't Shine On Me begins with chiming guitars and although there are only 2 verses over two minutes 40 seconds, another excellent instrumental section and then a repeated refrain, we learn so much. It is the sound of a broken heart and it brings a tear to my eye. This is a beautiful song, those chiming guitars soundtrack tears. Raymond's guitar is perfect, Norman and Euros harmonies tug on heart strings - emotional.

I have lost any sense of belonging, I am drifting like ice on the sea

With a troubled mind, I am in decline

And the sun won't shine on me

We had a love I thought was forever, but it travelled 180 degrees

With a troubled mind, I am in decline

And the sun won't shine on me

Did I say things are emotional? Well I probably won't be the only person to get tears in my eyes after listening to Raymond's Come With Me. It's one of his very best and coming on the back of Norman's The Sun Won't Shine On Me it really hits home.

All of this time you've got in front of you, all of this time you've got in front of you is how the song starts, Raymond delivering a vocal with warmth, compassion and consideration, backed by gorgeous harmonies.

Come with me, together we'll ride to infinity

Come with me, together we'll hide from reality

This is going to melt hearts. Straight up (for me) with Raymond's greatest songs, the feeling that the band capture here is really special. There is an ache to Raymond's voice, an empathy, an understanding, care. The way he sings lines that repeatedly begin with time is just tugs on my heart strings. Come With Me is a very beautiful and emotional song.

Time to heal and be with you

Wiping the tears away, electric guitars burst in and McGinley talks of sleepless nights dreaming about life, then living inside dreams, while coaxing brilliant sounds and riffs. 

Raymond has a knack in his songwriting of finding a refrain/groove and just running with it. The outro melody and lyrics are dreamy and poetic.

What we did and we didn't do

A memory isn't always true

I just don't know what it's coming to

We've lived a dream but we never knew

I'm More Inclined was the second single lifted from the album and the band included in their live shows dating back to the summer of 2019 (if not before). It's classic Fanclub, Blake sounding optimistic in the face of heartbreak. This life is complicated is how he begins the song and despite singing of being blue, feeling isolated, the writing being on the wall and more, Norman is still more inclined to put his faith in his love. The harmonies are exquisite, Euros' keys lift the chorus and Raymond's guitar solo has a little zip to it.

I'm More Inclined video

When I heard Back In The Day for the first time I immediately said 'oh!' aloud as it engulfed me like a warm blanket. It's just gorgeous! And catchy! I find myself walking around humming the melody. Norman Blake's voice is one that I fell for 30-years ago. I'm still falling! I still marvel at it, the way he sounds so good on his own or harmonising with others, how he delivers more soul and emotion with every passing year, how it all seems so effortless.  Norman reflects on how happy he was, in comparison to where he is, over a flowing melody and lovely backing vocals; 

I'm downbeat in a daze, a sad malaise has taken hold of my heart 

I can't seem to find, the peace of mind, I knew back in the day

With each new passing day, I see that old world fading away

I just can't seem to find, the peace of mind I knew back in the day

Picture by Donald Milne

So many of Raymond's songs start with a confession. I've mentioned this in previous blogs, but listen back through his songs and check how many start with 'I .... '

The Future is lovingly melancholic. There is warm, dreamy feel to the song, beautiful harmonies and a mellow instrumental. McGinley's voice aches, sounding world weary and experienced, stating I know I waste time, don't know what I'm doing while later on he offers the advice;

slow down, take time, to know what' worth knowing 

walk out the front door and see what's new

Norman's final offering is the melodic heart on sleeve Living With You, with Blake singing of needing a minor miracle in the chorus and the heart-aching line I'll love you 'til I cease to be. Raymond delivers another excellent solo over a super tight rhythm section, the keyboards are excellent throughout. Other lyrics (maybe I'm reading too much into them) suggest the song could have been written while the band were touring in Australia. 

The world is upside down, I'm lost, don't know what to do

With you so far away from me

Endless Arcade concludes with McGinley's super mellow Silent Song, Euros' keyboards sit beautifully behind Raymond's guitar, the band gel to create something super dreamy, as close to a lullaby as Teenage Fanclub might ever get, albeit one with a slightly psychedelic tinge to the lyrics and feel. The melody is beautifully slow and Raymond's voice aches in all the right ways.

See what I want to say through my eyes

Hear what I feel inside

See the soul behind the disguise

Feel what is real

Endless Arcade is out now. I managed to order a dinked edition from Monorail who have CD's and the indies only green vinyl available to order HERE

Tim Burgess is hosting a #timstwitterlisteningparty on Thursday 6th May at 9pm.

Endless Arcade - tracklisting

1. Home (Blake)

2. Endless Arcade (McGinley)

3. Warm Embrace (Blake)

4. Everything Is Falling Apart (McGinley)

5. The Sun Won't Shine On Me (Blake)

6. Come With Me (McGinley)

7. In Our Dreams (McGinley)

8. I'm More Inclined (Blake)

9. Back in the Day (Blake)

10. The Future (McGinley)

11. Living with You (Blake)

12. Silent Song (McGinley)

Wednesday 21 April 2021

Funky Nation - The Detroit Instrumentals


Recorded during the summer of 1971, Funky Nation: The Detroit Instrumentals is the result of some downtime that Marvin Gaye had after refusing to tour in support of his classic What's Going On album.

Released to coincide with the 50th version of What's Going On, it would appear that these studio jams, led by Gaye, were largely forgotten about. A few have cropped up on expanded editions through the years, but this is the first time they have been released as one.

Gaye is joined by Hamiton Bohannon on drums, the trio of Ray Parker Jr. (only 17 at the time), Wah Wah Watson and Leroy Emmanuel on Guitars, as well as Michael Henderson on bass. Gaye played keyboards and percussion.

There isn't a great deal of information other than that the sessions were led by Gaye. You barely hear him, other than the first track Checking Out (Double Clutch) when he introduces the band and then on the beautifully loose Struttin' The Blues where Gaye is just grooving along making sounds with the jam.

Was he just enjoying cutting loose and hanging with musicians?

At times things are pretty rocking, Daybreak starts with a riff that wouldn't be out of place on a 1966 Kinks single. At other times, there is some funky soul instrumentals like Help The People, while the title track is stoned soul that appears to be going nowhere until 1 minute 15 when everything just comes together with ease. Chained is an instant favourite, listen to the bass groove, the drums and that little guitar riff.

This is an album well worth checking out, it's just super loose and cool, the band are, well they are just as  Marvin says these cats sure are funky.

If you're a fan of Gaye's then it is worth checking through his online catalogue as there is an incredible amount of bonus material backing up his albums. 

A couple to highlight from the 50th anniversary of What's Going On are the demo of Symphony with Gaye repeatedly singing what's going on and the stunning instrumental I Love The Ground You Walk On.

Sunday 18 April 2021

My Little Red Book

Cover version of the month #66

Love cover Manfred Mann

The genius partnership of composer Burt Bacharach and lyricist Hal David combined to write My Little Red Book for Manfred Mann and the song featured in the 1965 film What's New Pussycat?  

Los Angeles psychedelic pop group Love then covered the song in 1966 for their eponymous debut album (it was also their debut single) and it was through Love that I was introduced to the song many years later.

Love's 3rd album, 1967's Forever Changes was an album that I felt I had to own after reading so many of my favourite groups mention it during interviews. So, from memory, I bought that first and then worked back through their catalogue, helped by the fact that FOPP were selling Love albums on CD for a fiver!

A lot of bands I fell for talked of the way Love looked as well as the way they sounded

Then, somewhat remarkably, Arthur Lee and a modern day incarnation of Love (the band Baby Lemonade) were announced as playing King Tuts Wah Wah Hut! Arthur was fresh out of prison and thanks to having an incredibly loyal fanbase in the UK (Liverpool and Glasgow in particular) he was on tour. Would he show up? How would he sound after years/decades of substance abuse?

It's safe to say that there was a buzz in King Tuts that night. It wasn't sold out, I recall people sitting on the floor before the band came on stage. Arthur looked strong and tall, he sounded magnificent, within seconds everyone knew they were witnessing something special. You could have heard a pin drop during You Set The Scene, my favourite Love song, I still think of Arthur singing as the band dropped down to a low groove I see your picture, it's in the same old frame ... his voice was wonderful.

Arthur announced that customs had lost their equipment so they were playing with instruments borrowed from Belle and Sebastian. I was transfixed and caught them a number of times over the years at the Liquid Room, Usher Hall, Academy and I'm sure I saw them 3 times at Tuts. Certainly twice.

Arthur Lee and Love at King Tuts
This is from a 'secret' Forever Changes show they played

Watching Arthur and his band live made me appreciate his catalogue of songs all the more. I always find that when I see a band in person. One song that stood out was My Little Red Book. A shake of Arthur's tambourine set off a throbbing bass, drums and guitar and then the voice!

The energy that leaps out of the song is spine tingling. The way Arthur adds in an extra talk in all I did was talk, talk about you gets me every time. The band are locked in a groove, the relentless guitar and bass riffs and beats behind Arthur's strong voice creates an urgency that still captivates 55-years after release. 

Arthur tell the tale of getting out his little red book the minute he is ditched by his girlfriend, determined not to sit crying and nursing a broken heart, he goes out dancing with as many girls as he can, but he just can't get over his loss.

I went from A to Z
I took out every pretty girl in town
They danced with me and when I held them

All I did was talk about you
Hear your name and I'd start to cry
There's just no getting over you 

Love's My Little Red Book is two-and-a-half minutes of garage pop perfection. I love when Arthur hums in the short instrumental. You believe him every time he sings there's just no getting over you, oh no. The whole song aches with passion, regret and soul.

Manfred Mann's version is tame in comparison. It's the same song, but the urgency isn't there, it's more theatrical. It's just not quite right. Bacharach himself has been quoted as saying "It's just a very nervous sounding record. They were uncomfortable with that song." (Record Collector)

I count myself extremely fortunate that I got to see the maestro Burt Bacharach at the Kelvingrove Bandstand in the summer of 2019. He was grateful that Love recorded the song and breathed new life into it and he was impressed by the cheer of the crowd when he mentioned Love.

So although Love's version is a cover, in this case, they most definitely make My Little Red Book their own. 

You can check Bacharach's own version along with that of Love's and Manfred Mann's below. They have also been added to my Spotify playlist.

Burt Bacharach plays his hits

Love - stereo version from their eponymous debut album

Love - TV American Bandstand version

Manfred Mann version

Click (or search for) Everything Flows cool cover versions on Spotify for a playlist of the covers I have blogged about and read on for a full list and links to previous cover of the month blogs. 

Previous covers of the month

13. Hurt

Tuesday 13 April 2021

I Ran Away by Dinosaur Jr

Pic by Cara Totman

Later this month Dinosaur Jr will release Sweep Into Space, their 12th studio album, on 30th April. Co-produced by J Mascis and Kurt Vile, my appetite for the LP has been hugely enhanced by I Ran Away which is the sound of vintage Dinosaur Jr.

J Mascis' voice is beautifully strained and soulful, his guitar playing still makes me want to pick up an electric guitar, his rhyming style is at peak flowing levels. 

All in all, I Ran Away is everything I could possibly hope to hear from Dinosaur Jr in 2021 and more. Are they still this good, this fresh, this exciting - YES!

Sweep Into Space will be the bands 5th album since Mascis, Barlow and Murph re-united back in 2005, playing shows that then led to 2007's Beyond LP.

Mascis and Barlow continue to release solo/Sebadoh albums, but there is no denying that they create something special when they come together with Murph on drums.

The meet me where I know 3rd verse is written in exactly the same style and structure as the first two verses, but it's delivered differently, like a middle eight, it's so clever, so brilliant. And J's fills after each line in the chorus are sublime, the rhythm section is just constant, allowing the magic to happen. J's guitar solo is 25-seconds of escapism and pure joy.

35-years since their debut album, Dinosaur Jr continue to amaze and excite. Roll on the album and I hope we see the band return to Glasgow next year.

You can order Sweep Into Space from the good people at Monorail by CLICKING HERE

Wednesday 7 April 2021

Belfast by Orbital

Trust Me # 23

After 3-months of featuring Teenage Fanclub songs by Norman Blake, Gerry Love and Raymond McGinley, the monthly Trust Me feature in my blog veers off into wildly different territory courtesy of Orbital and their song Belfast, one of the most sublime, blissful, dreamy and euphoric tunes I have had the pleasure of hearing and experiencing. 

I say experience, as watching Orbital perform Belfast in the Barrowland to a sea of saucer eyed fans with hands in the air, or in a sweaty tent at T in the Park, or listening to it in a pub/club or post club party was always an experience. 

Belfast is a song that cuts through the air like a knife, it makes you stop in your tracks. If you've heard it before then a broad smile will begin to plaster itself across your face. If you're hearing it for the first time then you may well ask 'what the f**k is that?'

I think the first time I heard it was in O'Henry's Bar (now the Yes Bar) in Drury Street in Glasgow, across from the famous Horseshoe Bar. Some friends and I used to book the downstairs basement, set up decks and play an eclectic mix of music. It was usually me, my friend's Reddy, Phil and Chris. 

Chris played a great mix which took in everything from Candy Flip covering Strawberry Fields Forever to crazy techno. But the end of his set was one he stuck with for at least a couple of years - Orbital and Underworld. Chris ended the night by playing Orbital's Chime into Rez by Underworld, into Belfast - heaven on earth! 

Orbital's III EP, released in January 1991
Tracklisting - Satan, LC1, Belfast

Still sounding fresh, vital and futuristic 30-years since it was released, Belfast begins like a cinema soundtrack, as if you know something important is going to happen ... something is!

Synths begin to bubble, the chords become warmer, then we are introduced to the fantastic use of a sample of soprano Emily Van Evera performing O Euchari that heightens the senses and really starts to take the listener off on a beautiful dreamy journey.

Loads of synth sounds are introduced, beats become heavier, there are multiple layers and then a riff comes in to whisk you higher still.

The sounds, the layers, the production, the way everything is pieced so beautifully and so perfectly together is just sublime.

At 3 minutes 30 seconds everything cuts to beats, it's only for a mere 19 seconds, enough for you to catch your breath, before the synths start bubbling again and we're in for another 4-minute ride to the stars.

This is electronic psychedelia, created in a cupboard at the top of the stairs (see link below to Paul Hartnoll's story). Kind of punk, kind of crazy, all kinds of amazing, sheer bliss! 

Orbital - brothers Phil & Paul Hartnoll

Around 6-minutes things start to slow down gradually, this is when Belfast reaches peak bliss (at least for me), things slow, leaving you kind of hanging in a higher state of consciousness as the song edges towards conclusion at 8-minutes 10 seconds.

This epic slice of electronic heaven received the title Belfast after Orbital played the Art College in Belfast in May 1990. The duo had been booked by David Holmes and Alan Simms, leaving behind a demo tape which included the track subsequently named Belfast in recognition of the positive experience they'd had in the city.

Trust me - this is as good as it gets. Even if electronic music isn't normally your thing, try this out with your headphones on and your eyes closed. 

Check the original demo Belfast - the original jam

Read the story behind Belfast by Paul Hartnoll

And below you'll find the released version in all it's ecstatic, euphoric, electronic splendour + a live version from one of the many incredible sets that Orbital have played at Glastonbury over the years.

You can find a playlist of songs in my Trust Me series by searching for Everything Flows Trust Me on Spotify, or CLICK HERE You'll also find links to all previous blogs in the series below.

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20. Did I Say by Teenage Fanclub
21. Don't Look Back by Teenage Fanclub

Saturday 3 April 2021

Teenage Fanclub Fanclub podcast - Man-Made


Barry McLuskie and Alan Clarke joined me again to record the second Teenage Fanclub Fanclub podcast. This time we focused on 2005's Man-Made album. 

"We hardly took any equipment, just some guitars and a pair of drumsticks." - Norman Blake

As we recorded the Long Way Round podcast in February, the three of us found we had been listening to (and greatly appreciating) Man-Made. Three songs made it on to our Long Way Round (imaginary) compilation.

There is a freshness to the album. The band have moved on from Creation/Sony, the 2003 career spanning compilation 4766 Seconds - A Shortcut to Teenage Fanclub helped to draw a line in the sand, Francis MacDonald returns on drums, the band have set up their own PeMa label and they have decamped to Chicago to record with John McEntire from Tortoise on production duties.

We hope you enjoy the discussion surrounding the album, each song, b-sides and shows from the era, our thoughts and the odd tangent we head off on!

The podcast is available on a number of platforms. This is the podcast website and this is the link to Spotify.

And here are the promo videos for the singles, plus a link to the excellent b-side Please Stay.

It's All In My Mind - video

Fallen Leaves - video

Please Stay - b-side to It's All In My Mind

Friday 2 April 2021

Never Ending Mixtape part 59

Welcome to the latest additions to my Never Ending Mixtape on Spotify.

I recently read the excellent Barbed Wire Kisses by Zoe Howe on the Mary Chain and as a result a healthy dose of The Jesus and Mary Chain songs added to the playlist, as well as their Sister Vanilla project with their sister Linda.

Sister Vanilla

The BBC iPlayer is currently showing an incredible documentary on Shane MacGowan. The archive footage of a young teenage MacGowan discovering himself in London as punk is breaking is sensational, he was there at early gigs by The Pistols and The Clash, all of a sudden he discovers himself and an identity. The live footage from Pogues shows is spine tingling and breath taking, mild chaos on stage and on the floor, MacGowan the conductor. I've never really dug deep into The Pogues catalogue, but I've enjoyed checking them out. Sadly, some of the interview footage with MacGowan is pretty harrowing, always with a beer or wine close to hand, looking at least 20-years older than he is. 

Elsewhere we have a new track from UNKLE and I intend to blog on their latest album soon. Two gems from The Charlatans Between 10th & 11th feature, including the superbly titled Chewing Gum Weekend.

You'll also find some northern soul, glam pop, early Primals, some stunners from Damon Albarn's Gorillaz - just listen to Bobby Womack on Stylo!

There are now over 1,900 songs on my Never Ending Mixtape. Search Everything Flows Never Ending Mixtape on Spotify or CLICK HERE. Scroll down to get to these songs, or click shuffle and enjoy.

Here are the latest additions;

cellaphone - FKA Twigs

Solid Gold Easy Action - T-Rex

Life's A Gas - T-Rex

Mini, mini, mini - Jacques Dutronc

Psycho - The Sonics

Gonna Give Her All The Love I've Got - Marvin Gaye

Coz I Love You - Slade

Do Yourself Some Good (Ronin Throwdown) - UNKLE

Chewing Gum Weekend - The Charlatans

(No-one ) Not Even The Rain - The Charlatans

Mama Soul - The Soul Survivors

On The Wall (Portastudio Demo) - The Jesus and Mary Chain

Art School - The Jam

I'll Be Your Mirror - The Velvet Underground & Nico

We Go Down Slowly Rising - Primal Scream

I.O.U (Campbell session) - The La's

Nine Million Rainy Days - The Jesus and Mary Chain

Cherry Came Too - The Jesus and Mary Chain

Far Gone And Out - The Jesus and Mary Chain

Don't Get Lost In Heaven - Gorillaz

Demon Days - Gorillaz

Dirty Harry - Gorillaz

Stylo - Gorillaz (featuring Mos Def & Bobby Womack)

Parthenon Drive - Echo and the Bunnymen

Why Can't There Be Love? - Dee Ewards

To Know You Is To Love You - Syreeta

Get It Up For Love - Ned Docheny

Girlfriend - The Jesus and Mary Chain

Something I Can't Have - The Jesus and Mary Chain

Drop - The Jesus and Mary Chain

Can't Stop The Rock - Sister Vanilla

K to be Last - Sister Vanilla

Jamcolas - Sister Vanilla

Totp - Sister Vanilla

Volcano Girls - Veruca Salt

A Rainy Night In Soho - The Pogues

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah - The Pogues

Love You 'til The End - The Pogues

The Broad Majestic Shannon - The Pogues