Monday 30 January 2012

Happy Monday - the Mondays reform

My Mum got me the Shaun Ryder autobiography for Christmas and I've just finished reading it, just as the Mondays confirm they are reforming for some dates with the Inspiral Carpets.

I find Shaun Ryder hilarious; a complete one off in terms of lyrics, sense of (unique) melody and feel and chemical ingestion.

I don't know what state the reformed Mondays will be in but good luck to them if they do. I don't think I would be parting any money for a ticket.

Anyway, Happy Monday. Lets look back at some of the Mondays finest moments.

24-Hour Party People

This video always causes me to smile. Performing live on Tony Wilson's OSM, Shaun and Bez are clearly 'loved up' to the max. Ryder is wearing ridiculous glasses but somehow managing to make them look cool. Bez is lost in the music from the start and the onstage chemistry between the two of them during the instrumental is a joy to see; a band cutting loose and loving it. How often do you see that these days? The reverb is cranked up to the max, Ryder spouts gibberish and somehow it all works and sounds like fun.

Wrote For Luck
My favourite Mondays track and my fave video too. If ever a promo video encapsulated what a band is all about then this did. MDMA on film. The reverb on the guitar is there again, the rythm section are locked in a groove and the synths make all the right noises, especially on the Vince Clarke remix.

And you were wet.

But you're getting dryer.

You use to speak the truth.

But now you're clever.

A beautiful groove and Ryder singing along with Karl Denver, with glorious use of The Beatles 'Ticket To Ride'.

Kinky Afro
If the WFL video encapsulated the band on film, then 'Pills, Thrills and Bellyaches' was the prefect title for a Mondays album, with Kinky Afro being a perfect opener.

Bob's Yer Uncle
Played at Tony Wilsons funeral. Good choice Tony!

Step On
Iconic video of Ryder literally on an 'E'.

Stinkin' Thinkin'
The last 'proper' album before various reformations. I love the groove to this.

Remember Remember at Bar Brel, 29th January 2012

Well that was quite a weekend of music, Admiral Fallow were majestic at the ABC on Friday night and last night I was blown away by Remember Remember playing in Bar Brel. Both gigs were part of Celtic Connections.

I discovered Remember Remember late on last year. How I kick myself for not checking them out before. I've pretty much fallen in love with their album The Quickening that was released on Rock Action Records in the fall of 2011.

So last night Lynn and I headed along to one of our favourite bars in Glasgow last night, calling on the Grandparents to babysit for the second time of the weekend, we need to rebuild the brownie points! 

We were early, arriving at Brel for 7.30pm as the tickets had said it was an early show. Remember Remember were still soundchecking so there was time for a beer or two and a catch up with our friend Ceal.

Adam Stearns and the Glass Animals were supporting. The Glass Animals were quite appropriately named, helping Adam to create some fragile harmonies that captivated the Brel audience.

Adam, plus his sister and friend played well, especially considering they are so different to Remember Remember. There were laughs all round as Adam introduced a harmonium that they had bought the day before. Somehow his sister coaxed beautiful sounds out of it.

There was time to grab a quick beer as the conservatory in Brel filled up ahead of Remember Remember. We were standing to the side but a couple sitting in the very front row got up and said we could have their seats. After careful consideration for our ears and how geeky it would be to sit inches from the band (Brel is teeny tiny) we decided to go for it.

Remember Remember is a collective built around the considerable talents of Graeme Ronald (above). There were 6 of them playing at Brel last night, so they ended up having to use some of the floor space for their vast bank of instruments and pedals; Brel's electricity bill may be considerably higher next month!

The set consisted mainly of tracks from The Quickening; openers 'White Castle' and 'Ocean Potion'. Ronald displayed nimble footwork in a square foot of space to switch from playing glockenspiel to guitar, fully utilising his amazing case of effect pedals.

Xylophones plays a huge part in the music of Remember Remember, melodies are picked out before the band slowly but surely take the music and the listener off on a glorious and at times epic journey.

At the back of the stage we had the long haired and bearded drummer who seemed completely in tune with Ronald, responding to nods and hand signals to up the pace or bring it down. To the drummers right was a bank of synths where most of the bass sounds originated from, along with a whole heap of other glorious noises.

At the front of the stage a girl switched from xylophone to keyboards, while the guitarist could barely move to her left due to everything going on around him.

Ronald was at the front with guitar, effect pedals, keys/synths and xylophone and to his right was a guy playing sax and more keys/synths.

'Scottish Widows' started with Ronald gently playing a gentle piano/keyboard riff before swelling into something completely mesmerising. The six piece just seem so i tune with each other, they can take songs to places others can only dream of. 

There was an element of humour (as there is at most Glasgow gigs) when Ronald's Mum sitting behind us said that this was her favourite song. It was a nice moment and there was more to come.

'One Happier' is just beautiful. A truly stunning and emotive piece of music. I guess that is one thing that really hit home watching and listening to the band last night; how they can conjure up such emotion without words.

Take 6-minutes out your day to marvel at what must go on inside Graeme Ronald's head to create the layers of beauty that make up this song.

Ronald announced 'John Candy' as the bands final song and the beats started it off, the opening guitar riff was looped before the second started, synths started to bubble and the journey was starting. 'John Candy' is probably my favourite RR song. It teases and eases itself into the groove and it flows superbly; just gorgeous.

The bit around 2-minutes in is epic, particularly in the live environment. Ronald brought some gadget out that allowed him to coax some stunning star kissed sounds out of his guitar and the band just locked in for the ride.

Ronald asked if the band had time for one more and the promoter who was clearly enjoying the show said 'two more'. Ronald replied without missing a beat 'do you know how long our songs last?'

Then it was time for Ronald's parents to join in, almost doing the introduction for him when Ronald said 'we'll do songs in one, 'Fountain' and 'Mountain'' and his Mum said 'these are off the first Remember Remember album'. His Dad then joked that they would have to sit further back next time. It was a lovely warm moment that the audience enjoyed.

And so it ended, a show that I can put money on being in my top 5 shows of 2012 and January isn't even over yet. Remember Remember are an exceptional band with unbelievable talent and vision. I look forward to seeing them again and hearing some new tunes from them in the future.

2012 - the year of Hot Chip?

2012 is shaping up to be an incredibly busy year for Hot Chip.

Following on from hit singles and critical acclaim for songs like 'Over and Over', 'A Boy From School', 'Ready For The Floor' and 'One Life Stand', the band will release their fifth album later this year.

In anticipation, the collective have already been confirmed as headliners for Camp Bestival and the Hollywood Bowl. It doesn't stop there.

In an incredible burst of productivity the band have several 'extra curricular' activities hapening, starting with the release today of 'Be Strong' by 2 Bears, a side project for Joe Goddard.

Joe had a great end to 2011 with the release of the single 'Gabriel' (featuring Valentina), with the track making many end of year 'Best Of's'.

'Be Strong' is released today via Southern Fried Records. It has been picking up outstanding reviews, expect one from me in the near future. I'm listening to a stream on The Guardian website just now and it sounds typically fresh, funky and euphoric, taking in a variety of influences.  I don't know who is guesting on the track 'Time In Mind' but it sounds like a great summer single, while other tracks are set directly for the heart of the dancefloor. Closing track 'Church' is on my stereo right now - it is an anthem. I am currently contemplating the bundle with tshirt, tea towel and ping pong bats; however I think I'll just go for the CD from Mono with my birthday vouchers.

“thumping album of proper house music” (Word)

“a really beautiful work of art about love and unity” (Annie Mac)

“one of the most anticipated albums of 2012″ (The Observer)

It doesn't stop there; New Build featuring Al Doyle and Felix Martin from Hot Chip are set to release their own album 'Yesterday Was Lived And Lost' at the start of March, taking it on tour including a date at Captain's Rest on the way. 

Check out the album and more details HERE

With a Camp Bestival headline slot already confirmed and a prestigious Hollywood Bowl show in the diary for September, Hot Chip clearly mean business. 

Lead singer Alexis Taylor had this to say to the NME

"We're really happy with how it's going. We're trying to build up a good batch of songs before we get too excited about finishing the album... We want to keep going and try out as many different things as possible, so we've got the best album we can make."

I'm only just checking out the 'extra curricular' activities (as Hot Chip refer to their side projects) and if the friends have kept their best work for Hot Chip then we could be in for astonishing tunes.

Saturday 28 January 2012

Admiral Fallow at the ABC Glasgow, 27th January 2012

Last night Admiral Fallow turned in a majestic performance at the ABC in Glasgow as part of Celtic Connections. 

There was an air of anticipation surrounding the sold out performance, a homecoming if you will.

It was my birthday so I had the day off, spending a great morning and afternoon chilling with Zoe before heading into town to meet my mate Colin in the Variety Bar at 5pm. The tunes were as good as always and I felt pissed after two beers - must be my old age!

Lynn and Lorna joined us and we also met our friends Harri and Steve who were out for the night.

Catching up soon with good company in good surroundings soon led to us deciding not to get some food as we stayed in the Variety, missing the first band of the evening - Chasing Owls.

We did ensure we were in for FOUND - one of Lorna's fave bands. The ABC was already busy and it wasn't even 8pm.

FOUND didn't really do it for me. I think their music didn't really transfer to a venue of ABC's size. Lorna loved them though. Colin and I marvelled at the synth/keys old skool Slazenger jumper!

Admiral Fallow appeared on stage to a huge roar and proceeded to play a spell binding set. 

As I said, I was rather drunk so I can't remember the exact order of the songs, so I am hoping that the setlist online HERE is correct. 

'Old Balloon' is possibly my favourite Fallow song. Melodic, building nicely and becoming epic. The lyrics are beautiful, they really do paint a picture. The end of the song really picks up the pace and it was amazing how at ease the band looked on stage.

'Cause sometimes it's like trying to breathe through a pillow,
Trying to dance on the tightrope in the pouring rain.
Sometimes it's like, like you're treading on egg-shells,
Trying to floss up your top-set with a rusty chain.

It's all because of you (x6)

I did wonder at one stage how many people in the audience had seen Fallow singer Louis Abbot playing in the pubs of Glasgow over the last few years. He and his band have really built up a loyal grass roots following and it was out in force at the ABC last night.

The sound was superb last night and the band seemed to revel in it; the sound, venue and crowd.

The close harmonies between Abbot and the gorgeous Sarah Hayes were spine tingling throughout the show.  

The sense of occasion was rammed home when giant confetti cannons went off towards the end of the gig. Everything came together for Admiral Fallow last night, the result of a good few years hard work mixed in with exceptional talent.

The band have just announced that they will be playing the Barrowlands in December. I am getting my ticket now.

Friday 20 January 2012

Five for Friday 20/01/12

Reach for the tissues for this one, I don't think I have listened to it for 4-years. I had it on my nano when I was travelling, I love the different voices and opinions, the soothing synthsm, the 'bow bam ba bow bam' backing vocals. Funny at times, very moving at others.

Beautiful. The bit at the end sends a shiver down my spine.

Hey, what can I say? I am a romantic.

We'll go on a love theme this week and lets move forward with this outstanding song and performance by Al Green.

How cool is Al Green? The feeling and flow of this song is just stunning.

When it comes to love songs the duets between lovers Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell are hard to top. This must be as close to perfect as you can get. Check out the Funk Brothers instrumental version of this tune too though - schweet!

The Bee Gees have some amazing songs. I have fond memories of a post club party back at my mate Phil's and our friend Fraser taking over the decks and playing loads of Bee Gees tunes at some ungodly hour and us all just singing along and dancing.

This is heartbreaking at times, the production and musicianship are outstanding, the lyrics and vocals just keep tugging at the heartstrings.

The Beach Boys have written some amazing love songs and this must rank up at the top of them. The lyrics are so simple yet so meaingful, sublime.

The Beach Boys version is on their Holland album. Dennis Wilson version would also re-record it for his stunning solo album Pacific Blue. Teenage Fanclub's Norman Blake also has a version here.

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Lightships - Two Lines

Lightships is the new 'solo' project by Gerry Love from Teenage Fanclub.

The first leak of his new material is 'Two Lines' accompanied by a beautiful video. 

On first listen this is just classic Love, settling into a gorgeous groove (especially in the closing instrumental), delicate vocals and harmonies, a gentle beat, brilliant guitar playing and a lovely feel to the production.

I can't wait for the album.

Sunday 15 January 2012

Vigo Thieves at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, 14th January 2012

I always get a buzz when I see (and hear) and band nail a gig. The sound is loud and clear, the band gel on stage, the crowd respond.....everything comes together.

Vigo Thieves nailed it last night as they headlined a sold out King Tuts as part of the New Years Revolution series of gigs. It was a brilliant night.

The night started in the Variety Bar as I met Mick, Craig and Kirsten for a few beers in one of my favourite Glasgow bars; great scuzzy but cool art deco feel, superb music and very cool barmaids ;-)

I had soon forgotten about Motherwell's atrocious performance against Inverness earlier in the day.

We headed down to Tuts just after 10pm and managed to catch most of the Cherri Fosphate set. Not a great band name, but I really enjoyed them. Young lads in their late teens/early 20's playing guitar pop with echoes of Orange Juice. The last song 'Passion' was cracking.

On to the main act though. We started off the gig up by the sounddesk for a good view and a chance to appreciate the sound.

The lights went down and the Vigo Thieves came on to terrace style chants of 'Viiiiiigo, Viiiiigo', the atmospheric 'Wide Awake' that opens their forthcoming EP was playing and then the band burst into opener 'Steal Your Heart', the circling guitar riff lifted the crowd immediately, the beat was simple but strong and the crowd sang along to the hooks;

Stay young in your heart, and young in your mind

As openers go, this was a good one and halfway through the song Mick had said he was going down the front to join in with the jumping and singing.

I stayed up for the next song 'Heartbeats', the band announced they hadn't played it live before. It didn't show. A rumbling bass with echoes of U2 underpinned a simple piano riff and singer Steve Jukes got the crowd to clap along. This is a total festival anthem in the making.

A song to clap along to and plenty of 'woah oh oh oh' backing vocals to sing along to, the fact the crowd were doing this on the first live airing of the song must have been a joy for the band on stage. 

'Start the fire, let your heartbeat, let your heartbeat'

I finished my beer and went down to join Mick at the front.

I reviewed the bands last single 'Love Is Dead' on this blog and gave it a great review, it sounded even better live through the Tuts sound system.

The pulsing bass for the verse leading to a huge synth riff for yet another sing-a-long chorus. 

This love is dead, feeling that you can't go on
This love is dead, in the shadows waiting for false dawns
This love is dead

The crowd bounced along to the chorus, the band looked like they were having the time of their lives on stage.

The next song 'She's On Fire' was the most epic yet, pure Simple Minds. A slow start before beats and synth kick in. Singer Stevie Jukes abandoned his guitar and took the mic from the stand to sing his heart out, whilst lead guitarist Barry Cowan coaxed Edge style riffs, bassist Gordon Phipps and drummer Alan Jukes were locked in the groove.

The flow of this song is outstanding, it is also on the forthcoming EP and it is crying out to be played on the radio. It swoops, rises and soars in all the right places.

The band closed with one of their older songs, the brilliant 'Blood Red', clearly a favourite with their fans as they sung along to the catchy guitar riff, jumped about like loonies and sang the chorus back at the band, me and Mick joined in.

Someone has already posted a video online, the sound isn't great but this will give you and idea of how much the crowd and band were up for it.

The crowd yelled for more but it was curfew time. 

This is a band clearly on top of their game with anthems in the making. I look forward to the release of their EP in February.

Friday 13 January 2012

Five for Friday 13th January 2012

The end of 2011 and the start of 2012 has dealt some devastating news to very good friends of mine with the loss of loved ones. Michael, Lesley and Jim; this one is for you. 

I turned on 6Music last week and heard this joyous romp by McAlmont and Butler, a brilliant single that rises and rises, soars and glides with ease.

On the same show (I'm being lazy here) I heard 'Your Love Keeps Lifting Me (Higher and Higher)' by Jackie Wilson. This is a real uplifting song, so simple, so effective. This was under strong consideration for the first dance at our wedding, eventually losing out to 'Baby I Love You' by The Ronettes.

Hmmm pretty hard to follow up such an exceptional song. So I'll go off on a bit of a tangent and go back to our friends Lesley and Jim and one of their favourite bands and one of their favourite songs. The Smiths output was nothing short of staggering; quality and quantity.

Closing this weeks Five for Friday is Electronic, the Manc 'supergroup' featuring New Order's Bernard Sumner with Johnny Marr from The Smiths. They produced some sublime singles and a good few albums during their time together. This has been getting some heavy play in my household recently after Greg Wilson did an extended re-edit that you can check along with loads of other great edits, mashes and mixes on his soundcloud page here.

Thursday 12 January 2012

Weighed Down by Tigercat

Music never fails to amaze or thrill me, sometimes more than others. Sometimes you need a bit of luck to discover something; a recommendation from a friend, you like a record sleeve, you fancy a singer or guitarist, you read a good review.....

I'm not massive on twitter, I can go days without logging in. However today when I logged in @roughtradeshop had tweeted about a 12-inch of a Jamie XX remix of Adele. I thought I'd click through and check how much it was whilst simultaneously checking it out on YouTube. I still like to buy vinyl, especially something a little different for the odd time I DJ at parties.  When I was on the Rough Trade website I did a wee search to see if they had any Greg Wilson remixes/edits. 

A 12-inch by a band I had never heard of was flagged up - the band in question were Tigercat with a track called 'Weighed Down'.

A quick YouTube search brought the video for the original of the track up on my screen. I was captivated immediately.

Fuzzy, scuzzy guitar starts the song off before the beat kicks in and the gorgeous singer (Natasha Adorlee Johnson) comes in, the vocals draw you in further. 'Down, weighed down, weighed down....'

The production sounds exceptionally fresh as the song builds, it lifts to another level at just over a  minute 'if you're asking me, I'm feeling like a child inside your eyes'.

With the closing two minutes really taking it on, I would love to hear this blasting out in a club. I can't wait to get my hands on the vinyl.

I've ordered the 12-inch and downloaded the TigerCat EP. Loving it.

Hope they come to Scotland some time.

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Discopolis at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, 10th January 2012

Last night I ended up in King Tuts for my first gig of 2012 on a guest pass courtesy of my new management partner Tam Coyle to catch one of the most blogged about bands in Scotland just now, young Edinburgh trio Discopolis.

 Our pre-gig debate about how good it would be if their name was pronounced (in a real Scottish accent) 'Disco Polis' as in how a ned would say 'Polis', or (as we both kind of knew) pronounced 'Disc o polis' (rhymes with metropolis). It was confirmed as the latter when the band came on stage and introduced themselves.

Discopolis were headlining one of the King Tuts New Years Resolutions nights and early reports from the first few nights had indicated large crowds with a couple of sell outs. Young Tuts booker Craig Johnston has done really well with the New Years Resolution and Summer Nights formats; allowing the cream of the crop of independent and DIY bands in Scotland the chance to grace the hallowed Tuts stage and generate some publicity for them at the same time.

 Sadly the crowd was a little sparse last night with the top half of King Tuts closed off to keep people in the lower section. As I hadn’t completely planned to be at the gig I didn’t catch the support acts, so I can only report on Discopolis.

They started with a rather slow song and took a while to warm up. They then announced that they were going to slow things down and just as I was thinking that it couldn’t get much slower for an electro-pop band, it did. The second song sounded like a cover but it segued cleverly into their single from last summer ‘Lofty Ambitions’. The band and the audience were warming up and Discopolis showed why they are receiving so many good reviews and opportunities with a brilliant blend of warm synths, beats, guitar melodies and a brilliant hook;

 'You always doubt my love, don’t ever doubt my love.’

Simple, yet so effective.

The young guitarist who was on stage right (as I was facing) caught my ears, his melodies were playful enough to be a little different from the norm. A couple of songs passed me by but the closing three highlighted the bands promise with the second last song sounding like a potential summer/festival single. By that stage the singer had urged the crowd to step forward to the stage and this seemed to lift the band.

The closing song morphed into an excellent groove that I would happily have listend to for ages, I look forward to the extended 12-inch mix of it. However a curfew brought the set to the end, with the band receiving an enthusiastic reception.

 This was the second time I have seen them after catching them in the Solus Tent at Wickerman in the summer. I would say I preferred that set, the festival vibe seemed to suit them better.

It is early days for Discopolis, yet they have had an incredibly productive 8-months or so with festival appearances, playlisted on daytime Radio 1, an album release in Japan and all manner of praise from blogs and journalists seemingly faling at their feet.

The band do seem to be receiving a rather remarkable amount of hype, too much in my own humble opinion. I do hope they get the time to develop their early promise and I look forward to catching them again in the future.

Friday 6 January 2012

Five for Friday 06/01/12

My first Five for Friday in 2012, I'd better make it good.

We kick start with a song by The Associates. This is actually a bside that I was turned on to by some guys with exceptional taste. I intend to check out much more by The Associates this year.

We stick with the letter 'A' for the next band, the magnificent Admiral Fallow. Their debut album was rereleased in 2012 and it has earned plaudits across the world, deservingly so. I look forward to seeing them at the ABC later in January.

Someone else playing Glasgow in January is Aaron Neville. This is a tune and a half, sublime.

Martha Reeves and the Vandellas return to The Arches. I caught them there a couple of years ago and it was a genuine pleasure to see Martha roll back the years and belt out tunes such as 'Heatwave'. A total classic.

We end with the tune that this blog is named after, 'Everything Flows' by Teenage Fanclub who are entering the studio in January to record a new album - good news to kick off 2012.

This is from the Teenage Fanclub Have Lost It EP.

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Celtic Connections 2012 - My highlights

The cold weather, the darkness, the rain, post festivities....January in Glasgow can be pretty bleak. Thankfully, us Glaswegians found a solution to the weather and the blues a long time ago; it is always dry in pubs, you can have a good laugh with your mates and it is even better if there is some good music.

The start of the year will see Glasgow at its very best as the city plays host to (almost) a month of music (Celtic Connections) in January, the Glasgow Film Festival in February, the Magners Comedy Festival in March and the Glasgow International Art Festival from mid-April into early May.

Then it is practically festival season anyway!

I always enjoy the programme for Celtic Connections coming out and plotting what I am going to see. A few things caught my eye immediately and I've spent the last 30-minutes or so going through the up to date list to plot my month. Here is  my definites and maybes for Celtic Connections 2012, as well as notable mentions. If only I had the time and money to go to them all.

Sunday 29th January, Remember Remember and Adam Stearns and the Glass Animals, Bar Brel

I've mentioned the Glasgow band Remember Remember a few times since I caught them at the Glasgow Science Centre as part of a Detour Night. They blew me away with their music, chemistry and musicianship.Their album 'The Quckening' is excellent. So I'm just about to order 2 tickets to catch them in the tiny Bar Brel, one of my favourite Glasgow watering holes. The fact that Adam Stearns is supporting them with his band is an added bonus as he is someone I have been meaning to catch live for some time.

Friday 27th January, Admiral Fallow, FOUND and Chasing Owls, ABC

Admiral Fallow have gone from strength to strength in the last two years, so I am really looking forward to seeing them play their biggest Glasgow show to date at the brilliant ABC. With support from Fence Records FOUND and the hotly tipped Chasing Owls, I imagine that the ABC will be full of Glasgow scenesters to check out a truly brilliant bill of music at a January friendly price. Oh, it also happens to be my birthday. Look out for Admiral Fallow's front man Louis Abbot out and about at various venues throughout the festival with two appearances at Brel with guests/friends.

Afterwards I'll be heading to Pinup Nights at the Flying Duck to catch Nevada Base and find out what mischief the Pinup lads have planned for their first bash of 2012. 

Sunday 5th February; Rachel Sermanni and friends at St Andrews in the Square
I caught the beautiful Rachel Sermanni for the first and only time back in April this year when she played the Wide Days music seminar in Edinburgh. She was captivating; young, beautiful, quietly confident with a cheeky side and very talented - picking gently at her guitar and allowing her voice to silence the audience - not an easy thing to do when the crowd is pissed up. I look forward to seeing her again, especially in the stunning St Andrews in the Square, the venue where Lynn and I got married.

Friday 20th January, Cornershop & 1990's at Platform
I caught Cornershop for the first time in the early-mid 90's when they supported The Pastels at King Tuts, pre-Fatboy Slim remix success. I have a few of their albums and I admire their fierce independence and experimental pop. Platform is a great venue and I have a soft spot for the 1990's as well. 

Tuesday 24th January; The Louisiana Connection with the Aaron Neville Band and Cedric Watson at the Royal Concert Hall
'Hercules' by Aaron Neville is an all-time fave tune of mine. I'm not sure if he'll be playing that tonight or not. From the description of the night on the Celtic Connections site though, it is going to be a brilliant night of music regardless. 

Thursday 26th January; King Creoste and Jon Hopkins at the ABC
'Diamond Mine', the Mercury nominated album by the above pair, is a truly beautiful album. The care and attention in the playing, production and craftsmanship just oozes out. Can it be replicated in live form? Well there is only one way to find out. I do hope to make it to this one if it doesn't sell out.

Notable mentions

Saturday 21st January; Laetitia Sadier, Jo Mango and Dan Haywood's New Hawks at Platform
Laetitia from Sterolab who I used to have a bit of a crush on.

Sunday 22nd January; Russian Red with Rachel Sermanni at the Mitchell Library

Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd; Gerry Raffery Remembered at the Royal Concert Hall
My Mum is going to this.

Sunday 29th January; Martha Reeves and the Vandellas at the Arches
As I caught Martha at the Arches the last time she played, I'm not too fussed about missing this for Remember Remember at Bar Brel. She is fantastic though, 'Heatwave', 'Dancing In The Streets', 'Nowhere To Run'....the Motown classics are all played by a shit hot band.

Sunday 29th January; Bonnie Prince Billy at the Old Fruitmarket

Chemikal Underground Nights at Bar Brel
No acts have been announced yet

Monday 2 January 2012

A year of Everything Flows Management

Time flies when you are having fun and I have certainly had a lot of fun in 2011 through managing Futuristic Retro Champions, Miaoux Miaoux, Nevada Base and Sonny Marvello.

So this is a blog focusing on some of the highlights of 2011 and a look forward to 2012.

Everything Flows

I’ve had my own massive 2011 with the birth of my amazing daughter Zoe in June and starting a new job with Marie Curie Cancer Care in September.

As a result I don’t have quite as much spare time as I had when I started Everything Flows. I always want to ensure that I have the artists I work with best interests at heart, so it is because of this that I am delighted to announce that I will now be working in partnership with Tam Coyle going into 2012.

I’ve been in regular contact with Tam for over a year now, asking his advice on what I am doing and generally enjoying banter about music, management and football.

Tam has been a pillar in the Glasgow/Scottish independent music scene for almost 30-years. 2012 is the 30th anniversary of the first gig he put on in Glasgow, featuring The Wake and Primal Scream – not bad! Tam went on to book the Stone Roses first Glasgow gig, become the first booker at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut and he has since managed acts like Arab Strap, My Latest Novel and more recently Kid Canaveral and Loch Lomond.

I’m pleased with my management and development of all the acts I work with, however with Tam’s experience and contacts (not to mention having more time than me – time is so important) I know that he will be able to help to push them on further than I could on my own. I am very excited about working with Tam and learning from him.

I'll make sure Tam smiles in his next promo pic ;-)

Futuristic Retro Champions
Although there were many highlights, the demise of the FRC’s was a definite lowlight. At least they finished in the right way by having two farewell gigs at Captain’s Rest and the Edinburgh School of Art. Both gigs were rammed and brilliant fun. The band also released a 26-track album entitled 'Love and Lemonade' featuring their releases to date, new tracks, demos and a cheeky Bananarama cover. Check it out on itunes via the link above.

Carla, who wrote almost all of the FRC songs, is now working on a new project under the guise of Teen Canteen. Expect to hear some stuff in 2012.

Miaoux Miaoux

MM’s star continued to burn brightly through 2011 with gigs in London and Manchester, an amazing day at Wickerman including ‘the worlds smallest rave’ in a caravan (see the video below), the release of ‘Hey Sound’ on Eli and Oz records, some stunning gigs culminating in the amazing album preview show at Captain’s Rest with a special supergroup featuring Profisee, Anna Miles, Kris Ferguson and Paul Carlin, loads of remixes – with my favourite being the delicious ‘Ribbon On A Bough’ by Martin John Henry and continued development in the studio and with his songwriting; the highlight being the stunning ‘Stop the Clocks’ that sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it. Watching and hearing Julian develop that song from a very rough demo with a vocal melody guide has been a genuine pleasure.

So it is with mixed emotions that I have to announce that we will be parting ways come the end of 2011. Despite being a bit of a dreamer, I am also very much a realist. With a demanding new job and a 6-month old daughter it became clear to me that I couldn’t devote the management time required to take Miaoux Miaoux on to the next level. I am certainly sad not to be working with Julian as he goes on to release his forthcoming album, however I am very pleased to have worked with him and helped in some way.

Keep you eye on this guy folks, he is going to have quite a year in 2012 and I will certainly continue to sing his praises and Julian knows I will always be there for an opinion or support.

Nevada Base

2011 has been a year of development for Nevada Base. There was the release of their debut single ‘Love In My Mind’ in April that brought radio play, excellent reviews, trips to London – including a Warehouse Party gig that I kick myself for not going to and a couple of festival appearances. This was followed by considerable time in the studio that has resulted in the completion of over an albums worth of tracks. The Nevada Base sound has also progressed thanks to the addition of Calum on drums and James on synths and keyboards. This has resulted in a heap of new songs.

2012 promises a great deal for the band and I hope to play my part in helping them to take several steps forward. A few exciting projects have been lined up and if they come off it will make everyone concerned with the band very happy.

A few gigs are already lined up for the New Year, including one at the hip and happening MILK night at Flat 0/1 on 18th January. Keep an eye on their facebook page and for news and tunes. Sign up to the enewsletter via the website for a free download of ‘An Avenue’.

 Sonny Marvello
2011 has been the bands most productive year to date; a headline slot at King Tuts, the creation of the 100 club and the subsequent mini-album and party in a vintage clothes shop, a gig at the Apple Store, airplay on Radio 1, excellent feedback on the ‘Tiny Little Sparks’ EP, completing nearly 80% of their forthcoming debut album, their own mini-festival at a Youth Hostel in Loch Lomond, first gigs in Perth, Skye and Inverness….it was a good year.

In other exclusive news I can reveal that a song Sonny Marvello have recorded is going to be used in a forthcoming Royal Bank Of Scotland advert – the funds will help them to finish the album. 2012 is going to be a big year. 

Check out ‘Tiny Little Sparks’ and my own personal favourite from 2012 ‘Fire Went Out’ below.