Wednesday 23 September 2020

Are You Lookin'


Trust Me #16

Are You Lookin' by The Tymes is a song I stumbled across by chance last month. I was playing one of the many fantastic Heavenly Social playlists on Spotify and just left it on. All of a sudden I stopped what I was doing.

Are You Lookin' stretches to over 9-minutes in length. There is a slow intro to the song with spoken word with a father explaining to his daughter about a lady of the night.

George Williams (lead vocalist) then comes in over gentle percussion and bass, his soft hushed vocal is supplemented absolutely beautifully at 2-minutes 25 seconds and he soars for the chorus/refrain that the song comes back to.

Everybody's under the same cloud

If it rains on you

It rains on me 

The lyric just grabbed me immediately. It rings so true, yet how many believe it? 

The song introduces little flourishes of strings which seem to lift the vocals and the rest of the musicians at times. The production is absolutely incredible, reverb echo effects are added to Williams voice at times, his little piece of improvisation just after 5-minutes as the song hits its groove for an extended chorus refrain. The rest of the The Tymes take the refrain on, leaving Williams to either join in, or to just let rip.

You can check Are You Lookin' on Spotify or you YouTube below.

And all of the songs in the Trust Me series feature on the Everything Flows Trust Me Playlist on Spotify. Search for it or click HERE

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Saturday 19 September 2020

Into Your Arms


Cover version of the month #59

The Lemonheads cover Love Positions – Into Your Arms

Welcome to a special bonus cover version of the month blog by my sister Carla.

It's a cracker on the beautiful Into Your Arms by The Lemonheads, probably the first band we bonded over many, many years ago. The song was originally written by cult Australian duo Love Positions (Robyn St Clare & Nic Dalton) who recorded songs with a Tascam 244 4-track on to cassette in various houses in Melbourne, Carnberra and Sydney between 1985 and 1989. 

The results came out as the album Billiepeebup on their own Half A Cow Records in 1990. Evan Dando, then touring Australia with The Lemonheads, became friends with many Australian bands including Smudge (he covered a number of their songs and also co-wrote many with Tom Morgan) and Love Positions. 

Anyway, enough from me, over to my sister. I think I'll try and get her to write another blog soon!


I've been a fan of The Lemonheads since I was 7. That's what age I was when their cover of Mrs Robinson was released and it became the first 7” in my record collection. I've still got it all these years later. The paper sleeve is torn on every edge possible and the surface is scratched to fuck though, unbelievably, still manages to play without skipping. The B Side is Being Around – one of the greatest love songs of all time. It almost harks back to the girl-group songs of the late fifties and early sixties, so many questions are asked but instead of will you still love me tomorrow we are asked if I was the fridge would you open the door? After all these years, the sentiment is the same. Will you accept me?

I accepted The Lemonheads wholeheartedly into my life at a young age. Interviews and performances of them were duly recorded off the TV onto VHS labelled 'Murray Only – DO NOT TAPE OVER' and I would watch these snippets for hours. My mum wasn't happy when Alison's Starting to Happen came on the cassette player in the car on family holidays to the East Coast. Probably because of the mention of a pierced tit (it was the nineties afterall) but I didn't care about that. All I cared about was that she was the puzzle piece behind the couch that makes the sky complete. That line stuck out like a diamond to my young ears and it's still one of my favourite lyrics of all time.

Imagine being in my twenties and supporting Evan and Juliana at SWG3 with my band TeenCanteen. I could barely contain it. We got paid 30 quid to be the only support at a sold out show but really didn't give a fuck about the pay. And yes – before leaving I did swoop around the stage and gather up the set lists and handwritten notes of forgotten lyrics before leaving. I'm not ashamed.

What I've always loved about Evan's songwriting is his ability to say so much with so little words and his nursery-rhyme-esque melodies. By that I mean, they seem so obvious that they must have just fallen out of the sky. Into Your Arms was always one of my favourites.

I know a place where I can go when I'm alone

Into your arms whoa into your arms I can go

It's beautiful in it's clarity and simplicity. I guess I was so young when I first heard it that I never questioned it NOT being a Lemonheads song. Imagine my surprise when my brother sent me the link to Love Positions version of this love canon last year. My mind was, considerably blown.

And if I should fall
I know, I won't be alone
Be alone anymore

I read a book on Wabi Sabi a while ago – traditional Japanese aesthetic involving impermanence and the acceptance of all that is imperfect and transient. It's a small, fairly unassuming book and I've leant it out to so many friends over the years I am sure it has been half way around the globe by now. Anyway, I'm not bringing up Wabi Sabi or trying to demonstrate whether or not I am well read, but merely because Love Positions recording of their song Into Your Arms is so wonderfully imperfect it's perfect. It's Wabi Sabi. I love it because it's imperfect. Love is imperfect.

Robyn St Clair

Written by Robyn St Clare in 1989, Into Your Arms appears to have been released on their album Billiebeepup in 1990 on Half A Cow Records in Australia (naturally went looking for a copy on Discogs). Other half of the band, Nic Dalton, went on to join The Lemonheads in 1992 and thus the song ended up on the 1993 Lemonheads album Come On Feel The LemonheadsSo now we know how it ended up in my ears originally. But to get back to the Love Positions original recording...

It's 1 minute and 38 seconds of utter gorgeousness. A gently strummed acoustic guitar starts things off before a whisper of wind chimes introduces Robyn's wonderfully naïve voice. That nursery rhyme melody shines through but this is so lush in it's simplicity it's almost lullaby like. A verse, a chorus, a verse again. A guitar, some shimmer and a vocal. It's like listening to an intimate thought or secret. And maybe it is? Maybe it's a daydream walking down the street and realising you are with exactly who you are meant to be with right now. And sometimes that's all you need in a song. And sometimes we just need the rawness and immediacy of 2 musicians recording a song exactly at the point they figured it out and not before they could overthink it. I will always love The Lemonheads version of this song, but I have a place in my heart for both. The declaration by Evan and the inner thoughts of Robyn.

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13. Hurt

Monday 14 September 2020

Comes A Time

Mark W Georgsson is one of my favourite artists. I got to know Mark a number of years ago when he was in a great wee band called Velveteen Saints and we have stayed in touch. Mark lives and breathes for music and I felt that shone through in his beautiful 2017 debut album Faces and Places .

Mark's shows to accompany his album, whether solo or with his friends in his band, were a joy. Warm, intimate, melodic and natural - in the music and in the playing.

It's taken a while for Mark to produce the follow up, but Comes A Time is out now on Last Night From Glasgow and for me it's perfect timing, just as the nights are drawing in, this is an mini-album to warm your soul.

Ode to Rannva is a beautiful opening song, Mark's voice sounds as good as I have heard it, gentle and true, the music builds to some beautiful epic moments.

True happiness is what means most to me

Waiting for You sounds like a lost George Harrison & Paul McCartney collaboration, a jaunty romp with a psychedelic drop in the middle before picking up the beat again. The jam at the end contains an outrageous piano solo that lead the band to closure in style. I'd love to see and hear this live.

Mark demonstrated his romantic soul and nature on his debut and he wears his heart on his sleeve with True Love, a tender celtic ballad featuring gorgeous pedal steel guitar (Tim Davidson) and viola (Anja).

Celtic Americana could be a new genre that Georgsson establishes, One of a Kind sees him at his charming best, with stunning strings adding an extra dimension to his sound.

A true beauty like you is hard to find
As a heart like yours is one of a kind

Hanging Around starts from a gentle riff, light brushes on the drums back Mark as he sings tenderly before the song lifts gloriously for a catchy sing-a-long chorus.

Mark co-wrote this song with Kieran Webster form The View. Mark has this to say -  It's a very honest song about addiction, dependencies, ups and downs, highs and lows. But it's also about hope and hanging on in there, and fighting for yourself and the people you care about and love the most.

The title track is lush and heartfelt, at times the vocal is only accompanied by a barely strummed acoustic and atmospheric sounds from JJ McGowan on vintage Space Echo, the second half of the song builds to a dramatic conclusion

What I say to you only skims the surface of my mind
Baring all my thoughts and dreams together with lost time

Comes A Time is available on vinyl from Last Night From Glasgow and digitally from all the usual places.

Read on for an interview with Mark.

How are you doing? What has life been like during the last six months?

I'm really good, cheers. To be honest, I've been totally fine over the last six months and throughout most of lockdown, but I do know that I'm very lucky in that sense as I know a lot of people have really struggled.

I found myself having a lot of time to reset my body and mind by trying to exercise and work out most days and just try to be as positive as possible. I learned a wee bit of piano, read a bit more, listened to a lot more music, I even dabbled in improving my Icelandic (it's absolutely solid to learn by the way!)

I found myself reflecting on a lot of things and the things in life that are important to me, or should be. I also found myself taking the time to reconnect with a lot of friends and family that I hadn't spoken to in a while where we'd all been "too busy" to previously and that was great.

Don't get me wrong, I really missed not being able to actually catch up with friends and family properly by going to the pub, the football, a gig, or popping round to someone's house, simple everyday freedoms and things that we all take for granted.

And what have you been up to musically since the release of your debut album? Did you set out to write a collection of songs?

After my first album Faces and Places came out in 2017, I toured it with a Scottish Highlands and Islands tour and played quite a few festivals and gigs over in Iceland and the Faroe Islands as well as playing some really great support slots like Chance McCoy, Asgeir and Junius Meyvant too, which were all really cool.

I'd been sitting on a few songs and musical ideas that didn't fit the vibe of the first album and I decided that I wanted to explore a different sound and direction and actually try to and record a mini-LP that was clearly different from the first record.

I had quite a clear vision of how I wanted it to sound and flow, and I always knew it was going to be called Comes a Time so it was great to get stuck into those initial ideas as well as trying to revamp older songs and write new songs in a different way from how I had previously to try and fit the idea that I had in my head for the new record.

So many friends were involved on your debut release; musicians, photographers and producers. Who was involved this time?

I like having a lot of friends and people involved in my music, whether that be in the studio or playing live. I'm a people person, although I also like playing and recording solo too when the gig or song suits it. 

I roped in quite a lot of friends for this record too, albeit most of whom weren't involved in the first album. Like I said, I had quite a clear vision for Comes A Time and how I wanted it to sound. The first person I asked was my mate JJ McGowan. JJ is an amazing guitarist and all-round excellent musician with a great touch and feel and a real ear for sounds, layers and sonics, so I asked him to play and to help produce the EP with Jim Lang recording and engineering it.

I asked my good mate Michael Gahagan to play drums and percussion, Dave Brown was on bass and Robbie Noble played piano and keys. We rehearsed all of the songs as a band except the two acoustic tracks, unlike the first album which wasn't rehearsed that much at all and was more live and improvising sounding.

The majority of the mini-LP was recorded in a beautiful cottage overlooking Loch Fyne which was a really nice chill out vibe and experience for everyone. Some of the overdubs were recorded back at Jim's studio flat in Glasgow where some more friends such as Emme Woods, Tino Macdonald, Tim Davidson, Pedro Cameron and Anja Ormiston all kindly lent their talents to the songs.

The strings for the lead single One of a Kind were arranged and recorded in Reykavik by Arnar Guojonsson and there are also two co-writes on the record; Waiting For You was written with an old school pal of mine, Gordon Andrews and Hanging Around was written with Kieren Webster of The View.

As for the cover photography for the single and mini-lp, the legend that is Brian Sweeney was involved again.

Comes A Time is out when there are unlikely to be opportunities to tour or play a launch party. Will you be doing anything differently?

The record just came out on 14th August, so I'm still trying to promote it as best as I can online and hopefully people continue to buy the vinyl, digital or listen to it whatever way they choose.

I'd had another Scottish Highlands & Islands Tour scheduled for September to promote the EP which has obviously been cancelled, but I'm hoping to reschedule that for Spring / Summer next year taking in places like Orkney, Shetland and a few other places and venues that I've never been to before, which is exactly why I love travelling and playing up north and all over Scotland, going to new places and meeting new people. But with the way things are just now, I'm just going to take it easy and take things as they come, wait to see what happens.

What music are you listening to at the moment? And did anything influence the songs on this album?

Over the last week or so I've been listening to The Redwalls - De Nova, Turin Brakes - Lost Property, Oasis - The Masterplan, Lau -Ghosts, The Hummingbirds - Moving On and The Beatles - The Beatles (The White Album).

Also new / recent songs and records by Barrie-James, Willie Campbell, Kris Drever, Cara Rose, Scott Forsyth - a fantastic Glasgow based guitarist who is releasing very interesting country stuff righ now and Declan Welsh and The Decadent West.

As for influences on the new record, musically / sonically ... The Beatles, Sigur Ros, Neil Young, Semisonic, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Dinosaur Jr to name a few. Not to mention the people and experiences that the songs are actually about.

Are you writing anything at present? And in the absence of gigs, do you have any plans to do anything online?

With the new record just out, I'm concentrating on giving that as much time as I can to push it first. So, I'm not really in a rush to write anything new at the moment. I do have a few ideas sitting around, plys a possible writing collaboration that I might explore if and when I feel the time is right, but I don't like to force the writing process these days.

As for online gigs and stuff, that's not really for me, not that I've got anything against it, but basically I'm technologically inept and useless at that kind of thing.

I actually watched quite a few online gigs and streams during and after lockdown, one which I think is absolutely top notch and is on most Wednesday evenings, Zoe Bestel - live, check her out, an incredible singer and ukulele player.

Tuesday 8 September 2020

L.O.V.E Love


Cover version of the month #58
Orange Juice cover Al Green

Al Green released the original version of L.O.V.E (Love) back in 1975 and it also featured on his Al Green Is Love album from the same year.

Under a decade later, Edwyn Collins' Orange Juice covered the song as a single in 1981 and on their 1982 debut album You Can't Hide Your Love Forever. For many years I thought this was a Collins original, it was only a few years ago that I learned, it was in fact, a cover version.

The Orange Juice version is exquisite and incredibly true to the original. The beat, the horns, the feeling ... the boys could play. 

For me, it really highlights how far they had come (in an extremely short space of time) from their Postcard Records releases, that started with Falling & Laughing in February 1980, taking in Blue Boy, Simply Thrilled Honey and ending with Poor Old Soul in March 1981. And it highlighted the standard of songwriting, performance and production that Collins was setting for himself.

I guess the reason I thought it was an original is Edwyn Collins voice. It fits like a glove. It sounds like such a natural fit. The way his voice rises, asks questions, portrays honesty and tells it like it is. 

And that is something that Edwyn has continued throughout his career. 

Love is a walk down main street

Love is an apple that's so sweet

Love is something that can't be beat

The original is just sublime, simply wonderful, you just can't help fall for it and appreciate what a beautifully written and perfectly performed song it is.

Written by Green, Mabon Hodges and Willie Mitchell, who also produced the song, L.O.V.E (Love) just oozes soul and feeling. Green's voice rises high at times but he always sounds well in control. The band are locked into a real groove, just allowing Green to do his thing.

I can't explain this feeling

Can't you see that salvation is freeing

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13. Hurt

Friday 4 September 2020

Never Ending Mixtape Part 52

Throwing Muses by Pike Rincon

Hello and welcome to the latest additions to my Never Ending Mixtape on Spotify, now with 1,610 songs and 107 hours 26 minutes of music.

Thanks so much if you are one of the 155 people who follow the playlist. And thanks also if you are just checking it out. I hope you find something amazing you haven't heard before or an old favourite.

This month the additions include;

JUST OUT - Scottish band Mt. Doubt are gearing up to release Doubtlands on Last Night From Glasgow, check their single Dark Slopes Away. It was hard to avoid the news and release of Taylor Swift's new album folklore and the beautiful cardigan is added to the playlist. Elsewhere WEIRDO the title track from my sisters new album which was released last week is added. Featuring gorgeous backing vocals from Honeyblood, it is a pop banger that is winning lots of plaudits.

RECENT DISCOVERIES - Include the INCREDIBLE Are You Lookin' by The Tymes (look out for a feature blog soon), Bernard Sumner w/ A Certain Ratio and Everybody Needs Love by Jimmy Ruffin. Not Too Soon by Throwing Muses (pictured above).

REDISCOVERIES - After reading the The Rise Of Super Furry Animals by Ric Rawlins I have been enjoying digging through their back catalogue and a number of songs have been added, including the sublime Fire In My Heart that our friends Allan and Lyndsey walked down the aisle to at their wedding.

And how incredible are the two Smokey Robinson songs?! 

And how joyful is Rush Hour by Jane Weidlin?!

Search for Everything Flows Never Ending Mixtape on Spotify or click HERE

The latest additions are;

tonic youth - Wojtek The Bear

Dark Slopes Away - Mt. Doubt

cardigan - Taylor Swift

The International Language Of Screaming - Super Furry Animals

Play It Cool - Super Furry Animals

Smokin' - Super Furry Animals

Fire In My Heart - Super Furry Animals

If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You - Super Furry Animals

Words In My Head - Steve Mason

Take It Away - Paul McCartney

Boys Outside - Steve Mason

Epic New Song - Futuristic Retro Champions

Baby Honey - The Pastels

Chesapeake - Better Oblivion Community Centre

Skulls - The Lemonheads

Bewilderbeast 1 - Badly Drawn Boy

Bewilderbeast 2 - Badly Drawn Boy

The Good Thing - Teenage Fanclub

Love Will Destroy Us In The End - Hefner

I'm Always Going To Love You - Dexys

Bad Behaviour - Super Furry Animals

Venus & Serena - Super Furry Animals

My Father - Nina Simone

Love Comes In Waves - Andy Bell

I Second That Emotion - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

Whole Lot Of Shakin' In My Heart - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

WEIRDO - Carla J Easton

Won't Stop Loving You - A Certain Ratio w/ Bernard Sumner

Rush Hour - Jane Wiedlin

Roam - The B-52's

Sea of Trees - Spectres (Andy Bell remix)

Dissident - Glok ( Richard Sen remix)

Hanging On The Telephone - The Nerves

Michael's Organ (demo) R.E.M

Brassneck - The Wedding Present

Controversy - Prince

I Was Made For Loving You - Queen of Japan

Super-Electric - Stereolab

Everybody Needs Love - Jimmy Ruffin

Don't You Care - Alice Clark

Baby That's Me - The Cake

Are You Lookin' - The Tymes

Instant Karma - John Lennon

For One Night Only - King Creoste

Tranquil - The Clouds

Not Too Soon - Throwing Muses

Tuesday 1 September 2020

Introducing wor_kspace

Allow me to introduce you to Wor_kspace, the electronic musical adventure of Glasgow based musician and producer, Finlay Macdonald.

Weekend is the debut single. Bubbling synths, melodic and melancholic vocals, playful keyboard stabs and riffs, and old beats, make this a warm, welcoming and immediately enjoyable release. I look forward to hearing much more. With a his Analogue Mountain, tape based, home studio, there is every chance we could be hearing quite a bit over the next year or so.

The cover art (above) is inspired by houses in the Eastfield district of Cumbernauld, a new town in Scotland where the film 'Gregory's Girl' was filmed and set.

Check Weekend on Bandcamp and the video below, followed by a short interview with Finlay to learn more about Wor_kspace.

1. What prompted your electronic musical adventures?

I've made electronic music on and off for years. Music and Movement in 2005 was the most accomplished project of that kind and I wanted to return to that. I realised Lenzie Moss was too much another kind of thing to be able to release my recent ideas under that name so I decided to start a totally different project.

Is it easier to write / create electronic music? Are there less restrictions / structures?

Yes. Especially with the wealth of instruments and sampling capability at your disposal. Also, you get to 'play god' a lot more with your music so you can have a crazy idea, experiment and just do it without having to persuade someone else to like it and get involved. If you don't have the kind of personality that's good at getting into conflicts and telling people what to do, which I don't, it's a lot easier. Having said that, there ended up being a bit of collaboration as my brother, Al played the bass in the end.

What next? Do you have / plan an album?

I have a bunch of singles and since this is new, I plan to just do singles and not be tied to the album format for the forseeable. The trouble with albums is they take so long to make. I've been working on the 2nd Lenzie Moss album for nearly 10 years and it's still not finished!

What are you listening to this week?

Hawkwind, Embryo and Brainticket