Saturday, 3 April 2021

Teenage Fanclub Fanclub podcast - Man-Made


Barry McLuskie and Alan Clarke joined me again to record the second Teenage Fanclub Fanclub podcast. This time we focused on 2005's Man-Made album. 

"We hardly took any equipment, just some guitars and a pair of drumsticks." - Norman Blake

As we recorded the Long Way Round podcast in February, the three of us found we had been listening to (and greatly appreciating) Man-Made. Three songs made it on to our Long Way Round (imaginary) compilation.

There is a freshness to the album. The band have moved on from Creation/Sony, the 2003 career spanning compilation 4766 Seconds - A Shortcut to Teenage Fanclub helped to draw a line in the sand, Francis MacDonald returns on drums, the band have set up their own PeMa label and they have decamped to Chicago to record with John McEntire from Tortoise on production duties.

We hope you enjoy the discussion surrounding the album, each song, b-sides and shows from the era, our thoughts and the odd tangent we head off on!

The podcast is available on a number of platforms. This is the podcast website and this is the link to Spotify.

And here are the promo videos for the singles, plus a link to the excellent b-side Please Stay.

It's All In My Mind - video

Fallen Leaves - video

Please Stay - b-side to It's All In My Mind

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