Thursday 24 October 2019

Gone With The Wind Is My Love

Trust Me #6

Gone With The Wind Is My Love - Rita and the Tiaras

I recently discovered this gem of a song on an old Kent Records compilation. Oh my! It floored me; the lyrics, the heartfelt emotion in the voice and that northern soul feel that the best songs have coming from the playing and production.

There isn't a great deal of information about the song or the band online. Although a quick google search will show how cherished the song is among northern soul community.

From what I can make out, the song was originally released back in 1967 and has since been reissued several times to satisfy the demand of music lovers who discover it.

The info from discogs suggests they only got together to record this song;

Latish Thelma Harvell, Joyce Williams and Edna Woods from Los Angeles, USA are most famous for backing Rita (Graham) who was reputedly drafted in at the last minute by the producer Louie Barreto to lead on Gone With The Wind Is My Love, probably the most famous release from Louis Bideu's fabulously rich Dore catalogue.

Anyway, this is absolutely incredible. Trust me, check this one out. And then check out the INSTRUMENTAL. 

i gave up every thing i love, i liked

what things i possessed... i ...knew it was wrong

you said... you were straight, and i ...did it for you, babe

and now i see you leave ...right out of my life

my heart crys out... i gave you love and my devotion

and i... gave you my soul
well my love, love, love ...

he's gone with the wind is my love

like a bird in the sky...
he's gone with the wind... is my love
i thought he could weather the storms of life

stand by me... through my pain and strife

but at the first sign of a breeze... he freezed
he fled... with the wind
instrumental break
section b ...
now who can i lean on... when all my friends and folks have gone

but i know that they ...really want to... love and to comfort me
but who can take away a pain of love... a pain that starts...

a tear to swell... deep in my heart... and i... burst into tears
well my love, love, love

he's gone with the wind, is my love

like a petal on a rose
he's gone with the wind... is my love...

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Louie Barreto
Gone With the Wind Is My Love lyrics © Millbrand Music


Brendan - ModnSoul said...

You are 100% correct, this tune is an absolute belter!
I've been playing it for years and I never tire of doing so.
Last Saturday (18/6/2022) I played it to a packed dancefloor at The Mildmay Club in Newington Green, North London to a raptous applause! The crowd was really mixed with the usual NS dancers but what was most pleasing, was seeing plenty of 20 year olds discovering Northern Soul and loving every minute of it!!
Next night at the Mildmay is Sat 26th November 2022 KTF!

love1scent said...

Gloria was the original artist who perform my tune Gone with the wind is my Love ..Due to problems with her management group we could not release the tune But we made a 7 inch vynil recording and put it on hold. Eventually We sign a contract with Rita Graham to record the tune and the tune became popular in the UK since the 70'S and it is still popular today-about 50 years...Many singers, about 30, have recorded the tune. Sony records did a cover with a the Lucifers about 2 years ago...We did release the Gloria Jones version with Soul Records in the UK IN 2012 .Gloria was not under contract to any management group