Saturday 27 March 2021

79 album reviews

Albums have helped provide glimmers of light, hope and escapism to music fans across the world over the last year. Tim Burgess listening parties on Twitter certainly helped me to escape reality on a number of occasions. Music has that power. I got lost in albums I hadn't listened to in ages, gained even more appreciation for some as I learned of the stories behind the writing and recording and just generally loved listening to a full album and switching off from the news and the world.

With some time on my hands, I looked back through my blog to check on albums I have written about. I thought I would compile them (plus a few EP's) in one blog, largely for my own amusement, but also just in case it helps anyone who visits my blog to discover or rediscover albums that I enjoy.

There is a wide mix of music from my youth, through albums released during the lifetime of the blog; DIY artists from Scotland, real favourite artists and some of my all-time favourite blogs.

One of the other reasons I looked back on my blog was because I realised I hadn't been blogging on albums as much as I used to. I only wrote 5 blogs on albums through 2020, in comparison to 10 in 2019 and 11 in 2018. I have a number of unfinished album features in my drafts folder that I hope to get round to finishing.

Anyway, enough about that. Here is a list of blogs I have written on 76 albums and 3 EP's. 

Take a look and thanks for visiting.

Shadows by Teenage Fanclub, blog from December 2010

Screamadelica by Primal Scream (20-years on), blog from February 2011

Ocean Rain by Echo & The Bunnymen, blog from May 2011

Nevermind by Nirvana, blog from June 2011

Definitely Maybe by Oasis, blog from August 2012

BMX Bandits In Space by BMX Bandits, blog from October 2012

Big Inner by Matthew E White, blog from February 2013

Kingdom Of Wires by Kevin Harper, blog from June 2013

Drop Out by East Village, blog from January 2014

Morning Phase by Beck, blog from February 2014

Rave Tapes by Mogwai, blog from February 2014

Ever Evolving Lounge by Dr Cosmos Tape Lab, blog from July 2014

Psychocandy by The Jesus & Marychain, blog from November 2014

The Second Coming by The Stone Roses, blog from December 2014

Modern Nature by The Charlatans, blog from January 2015

Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance by Belle & Sebastian, blog from January 2015

Sparks To Fire by Flash Talk/Sonny Marvello, blog from January 2015 

Everything Ever Written by Idlewild, blog from February 2015

Natalie Prass by Natalie Prass, blog from February 2015

Matador by Gaz Coombes, blog from February 2015

Beyond The Silver Sea by Dr Cosmos Tape Lab, blog from April 2015

How Many Glasgow by Jad Fair, Tenniscoats & Norman Blake, blog from April 2015

Grand Prix by Teenage Fanclub, blog from May 2015

Destroy Rock n Roll by Mylo, blog from May 2015

Highest Point In Cliff Town by Hooton Tennis Club, blog from August 2015

The Beginning Stages of the Polyphonic Spree, blog from September 2015

Some Friendly by The Charlatans, blog from October 2015

(What's The Story) Morning Glory by Oasis, blog from October 2015

Music Complete by New Order, blog from October 2015

Hotchspotch by kIDD, blog from December 2015

In Search Of Harperfield by Emma Pollock, blog from February 2016

Faults by The Second Hand Marching Band & Benni Hemm Hemm, blog from February 2016

Bryter Layter by Nick Drake, blog from March 2016

Homemade Lemonade by Ette / Carla J Easton, blog from July 2016

Wildflower by The Avalanches, blog from July 2016

Barbara, Barbara, We Face A Shining Future, blog from July 2016

Here by Teenage Fanclub, blog from September 2016

Teenage Fanclub Have Lost It EP, blog from January 2017

Pacific Ocean Blue by Dennis Wilson, blog from April 2017

Sirens EP by TeenCanteen, blog from April 2017

Friday Night The Eagles Fly by The Bar Dogs, blog from April 2017

Into the Light by Medicine Men, blog from May 2017

BMX Bandits Forever, blog from May 2017

Weather Diaries by Ride, blog from June 2017

Different Days by The Charlatans, blog from June 2017

Songs From Northern Britain by Teenage Fanclub, blog from July 2017

How The West Was Won by Peter Perrett, blog from August 2017

Erratic Cinematic by Gerry Cinnamon, blog from September 2017

There Are No Saints by Siobhan Wilson, blog from September 2017

Returned From Sea by Sister John, blog from September 2017

Peel Sessions by Teenage Fanclub, blog from October 2017

Permo by Spinning Coin, blog from November 2017

The Winter Garden Playtest by Radiophonic Tuckshop, blog from December 2017

Moon Safari by Air, blog from January 2018

Cardinal by Pinegrove, blog from January 2018

Silver Dollar Moment by The Orielles, blog from February 2018

A Northern Soul by The Verve, blog from June 2018

Lush by Snail Mail, blog from July 2018

The Immaculate Collection by Madonna, blog from August 2018

Hope Downs by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, blog from August 2018

Technique by New Order, blog from September 2018

And Nothing Hurt by Spiritualized, blog from September 2018

The Original Memphis Recordings by Primal Scream, blog from October 2018

Impossible Stuff by Carla J Easton, blog from October 2018

The Good Will Out by Embrace, blog from February 2019

Innocence and Despair by Langley Schools Music Project, blog from February 2019

Varshons 2 by The Lemonheads, blog from February 2019

Badbea by Edwyn Collins, blog from March 2019

Morning Dove White by One Dove, blog from March 2019

Music For Megastructures by L Space, blog from April 2019

A Catholic Education by Teenage Fanclub, blog from July 2019

Pii 3 by Stephen Solo, blog from July 2019

Dogrel by Fontaines DC, blog from October 2019

The Soft Bulletin by The Flaming Lips, blog from April 2019

Comes A Time by Mark W Georgsson, blog from September 2020

McCartney by Paul McCartney, blog from October 2020

The Creatures We Were Before We Are Ghosts by The Son(s), blog from November 2020

McCartney II by Paul McCartney, blog from December 2020

The Loves Of Your Life by Hamilton Leithauser, blog from December 2020

Two Sunsets by The Pastels & Tenniscoats, blog from January 2021

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