Sunday 16 February 2014

Rave Tapes by Mogwai

Atmospheric, cinematic, gentle, lulling, powerful, melodic, music to get lost in….introducing Rave Tapes, the latest album by Mogwai.

The superbly titled 'Heard About You Last Night' sets us off on the journey, the band gelling in a manner that not many others can. Mogwai have the ability to keep things restrained, almost reigned in, yet leaving the listener with the knowledge that things could take off at any time.

'Simon Ferocious' is menacing, the band locked in a groove but allowing all kinds of things to develop over the top of it before bringing it all back together.

Mogwai's unique skills are showcased to full effect on 'Remurdered', all murky and sinister synths combining with guitars and beats. At 3-minutes in the band take things off in another direction, close your eyes and enjoy.

'Hexon Bogon' follows and in many ways it stands as the centrepiece of the album. Majestic in force and in flight. I marvel that this is only just over 2 and a half minutes long.

'Repelish' has a brilliant sample of someone talking about Led Zeppelin. The music is intricate and moody, there is always that sense that something is about to happen. Rave Tapes is beautifully produced, it sounds live.

The drumming and rhythm section in 'Deesh' is formidable. Allowing the band to experiment with synths on top.

'Blues Hour' is delicate and beautiful, and contains vocals! It does build, allowing Mogwai to combine the delicate piano riff with crashing drums, guitars and synths/strings.

'No Medicine For Regret' contains possibly my favourite moment on the album, when at 1 minute 50 seconds a beautiful little synth melody appears from nowhere.

Rave Tapes closes with 'The Lord is Out Of Control', vocoder set to stun, it is all kinds of dreamy bliss.

Mogwai continue to take fans and listeners on trips to far flung sonic places that others can only dream of reaching. Mogwai are not setting controls for the heart of the sun, they are looking for dark and unexplored corners with hidden stars. They tend to find them.

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