Monday 2 November 2020

The Creatures We Were Before We Are Ghosts


I'm probably not the only person who was intrigued by The Son(s) when they first came on to the scene in 2011 with the backing of their label Olive Grove Records.

The fact they had backing was quite something, given that their identities were a secret and they didn't play live, so it was quite a chance for a small DIY label like Olive Grove to take. I greatly admire both artist and label for that - they simply let the music do the talking.

Here we are, 9-years later, in the grip of COVID, restrictions and worrying about just how dark the winter ahead is going to be.

And here are The Son(s) with their new album The Creatures We Were Before We Are Ghosts

Following the creation of a new band line-up in 2018 into 2019, the band played low key support slots to the likes of Kathryn Joseph and Randolph's Leap, playing entirely new songs.

These songs were then recorded in Leith Theatre in March 2020, just as the country was going into lockdown. The atmospheric setting has been transformed on to the record, the songs have a beautiful feel to them

Opening Lord, I Am Grateful starts off with a kind of Spiritualized feel to it, before things kick in to lift the vocal melody higher, while the second song A Prick In Gold Lame is beautifully fractured and harmonious.

The Things I Love Are Not At Home starts off with a sparsely picked electric guitar, vocals and strings. The simplicity draws you in, demanding a listen. The song builds beautifully and dramatically before falling back to just electric guitar. 

Throughout this beautiful album, you get the impression that everything is remarkably unhurried, like The Son(s) are in their own little bubble. I think that's always a good place for a band to be

There Are No Sharks & It's Time For Bed Now highlights this rather beautifully, as does the brilliantly titled I'm Glad You Kept Your Hair John Travolta. Me too!

The last 2-tracks are real highlights for me. All We Are Is All There Was & All There Ever Shall Be is absolutely gorgeous, lasting 5-minutes yet making you wish for a few minutes more.

The closing For When It Hurts is barely there, yet the picked electric guitar and the gentle vocals have you hanging on every word.

As you grow old

Whatever you need

I will hold you

I'll be here just when it hurts

The limited edition clear vinyl is sold out. Sorry, I'm a little late blogging on this! But check it on Bandcamp or all other digital channels.

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