Sunday 24 April 2022

Mondo 77

Trust Me #34

 Looper is the electronic band formed and fronted by Stuart David, formerly of Belle & Sebastian. Their Twitter profile simply reads making lofi beats since 1998.

David co-formed Belle & Sebastian and was an integral member through the early glory years 1996-2000. The bands output (that I discuss briefly in this blog) was prolific and outstanding during this period. Four albums and four EP's. 

Leaving to concentrate on his writing and Looper, David has been pretty prolific himself! Releasing 5 albums with Looper and also writing and publishing 5 novels. David's memoir In the All-Night Cafe, recounting the formation of Belle & Sebastian up until the launch show for Tigermilk is a MUST READ in my book. Funny, moving and beautifully vivid. Dreams, friendships, music and love. In fact, I'm going to reread it!

David's storytelling came out in his songs with Belle & Sebastian; A Century Of Elvis and A Space Boy Dream have a beautiful dreamy quality to them.

Anyway, the song Mondo 77 prompted me to write this blog. I can't remember how I discovered the song. It might have been through it featuring in Vanilla Sky. I just remember immediately thinking it was super cool. 

And it is super cool

A dirty synth riff is quickly backed by beats and shouts of 'c'mon, c'mon, keep it going, yeah'. It's infectious in melody and energy. House piano is introduced over more yelps of encouragement, the synth melody is so playful. Beeps and sounds are introduced, bass is in and out, then horns come in.

At 2-minutes 40 seconds everything comes colliding together to sound even more joyful, energetic, fun and vital. This plays out to conclusion and at the end when David shouts 'keep it going, keep it going, yeah', you really do want them to keep it going.

I love it. Super cool lofi beats and dirty melodic synth - gorgeous.

Hope you fall for it hard if you have never heard it before. Or I hope you enjoy rediscovering the song if you haven't heard it in a while.

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