Tuesday 14 August 2018

Never Ending Mixtape 27

Smudge have 4-songs added to the playlist

As my mixtape (spotify playlist) heads towards 700 songs I find myself listening to it more and more. I travel quite regularly with work, so this is a perfect companion, whether I stick it on shuffle or scroll to the end for latest additions or to a certain section. I hope those of you that check it out enjoy it as well.

This month's update to the playlist has loads of indie guitar gems; The Pastels make another appearance (and it won't be the last), Frank Black is in with a solo number, Sonic Youth show us how it is done, Smudge have 4 numbers that highlight what a brilliant and unique songwriter Tom Morgan is and the fuzzy guitar pop of The Amps is a noisy delight.

R.E.M have a couple of gorgeous songs, James feature with the classic Sit Down recorded live at the G-Mex and early effort Johnny Yen. I remember the G-Mex concert came out on VHS in the summer I broke my leg as a teenager and I sat and watched it endlessly, marvelling at the way the band and audience seemed as one and the incredible response to Sit Down which is brilliantly capture on the film and also on the 12-inch vinyl I own.

If you check out one song, then check out Oh Happy Day by The Edwin Hawkins Singers, a live gospel recording that just oozes with feeling and soul.

Arcade Fire, Kathryn Joseph, The Clean, Felt and Velvet Crush are also included. Dig in.

Search for Everything Flows Never Ending Mixtape on Spotify and play from the start, click shuffle or scroll to the end to find the latest additions. Or CLICK HERE

Yellow Grass (Hamburg 1967 recording) - The Monks
Teen Age Riot - Sonic Youth
Sir Rockaby - Frank Black
Tipp City - The Amps
Everything Now - Arcade Fire
Wake Up - Arcade Fire
Comin' Through - The Pastels
Johnny Yen - James
Sit Down (Live at G-Mex) - James
Near Wild Heaven - R.E.M
Me In Honey - R.E.M
Down About It - Smudge
Scary Cassettes - Smudge
Tenderfoot - Smudge
It's Over - Smudge
Circles - Les Fleur De Lys
In The Summer Time - The Idle Race
All Or Nothing - Small Faces
Tin Soldier - Small Faces
Oh Happy Day - The Edwin Hawkins Singers
Middle America - Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight - Richard and Linda Thompson
From When I Wake The Want Is - Katryn Joseph
Stars - The Clean
Primitive Painters - Felt
Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow - Felt
Magellan - Felt
Star Trip - Velvet Crush

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