Wednesday 20 February 2019

Everything Is Falling Apart

If it sounds like Teenage Fanclub are feeling their way into new single Everything Is Falling Apart, as they pick out some notes through the first 19- seconds, then you could take into consideration the fact that this is their first single since the departure of Gerard Love.  But don't worry, after a deep intake of Raymond McGinley's breath, they soon hit their stride.

Gerry's departure after the euphoric Creation Years shows at the end of 2018 hit fellow Fanclub fans hard, but it could have been worse, the band could have split completely. Of course I'll miss Gerry and his incredible catalogue of Fanclub songs, but on the bright side the band have continued to reach deep into their catalogue with Norman's songs coming to the fore. And news is filtering through Glasgow that Gerry is writing and recording.

Everything could have fallen apart...

As it is, the band are hard at it, Dave McGowan has switched to bass and good friend Euros Childs has joined on keyboards. The band reconvened post Creation shows to record in Hamburg and have since toured SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand over the last 3-weeks. They now play in Canada and the States and release their first post-Gerry single. Another new song has also been aired on tour and it sounds like the band have the bit between their teeth, buoyed by the outpouring of love and devotion displayed at the Creation Years shows and the demand throughout the world. After a short break they head to Europe and have a series of festivals through the summer including a return to the Kelvingrove Bandstand.

There may be an element of band humour (I hope) coming through with the title and chorus everything is falling apart (from our love), maybe even with the line relax, find love, hold on to the hand of a friend, about Euros coming in? Maybe I am reading far too much into it.

Elsewhere there is urgency and a classic flowing McGinley melody. I noted as the band blitzed their 1990's albums over 3 nights just how personal Raymond's songs are and how many begin with I ..... the only difference with his latest effort is that it takes til the second word, he then declares;

Hey, I feel
I feel something new in my life
I don't know what's real
I've only just opened my eyes

There are the harmonies and guitars that we have all come to know and love from the Fanclub. If the Creation shows told me anything, it is that I've come to appreciate their qualities and personalities even more with every year. And Raymond's qualities really shine through on this welcome new single.

On this evidence Teenage Fanclub are a band that are together, enjoying writing, recording and playing. More please.

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Quant said...

Great Blog! I love Glasgow and TFC! Grettings from Galicia (Spain)