Sunday 29 July 2018

Del Amitri at the Barrowland Ballroom

The Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom on a Saturday night is like a Cup Final of a gig. There is a heightened sense of excitement and expectation levels are high. The crowd are like an extra man, 90-minutes can fly by in the blink of an eye.

Last night Del Amitri returned to the hallowed ballroom, scene of many triumphant nights in the past, and they immediately gave the impression that they wanted to be playing this incredible venue just as much as their fans wanted to see them there. This was a cup final they had longed to play since regrouping to play some shows in 2014.

They kicked things off with a beautiful Be My Downfall. Justin Currie was in fine voice from the off, the band gelled with ease, the smiles on their faces made it clear how happy they were to be back at the Barrowland. There was an instant connection with the fans, a clear chemistry between the band and it didn't let up.

Del Amitri played with a confidence and swagger, a band full of belief; in their songs, in their playing and with their loyal fans. It was great to see and  they swiftly followed by playing Roll To Me.

The band dug into their back catalogue to play a string of gems; the flowing poetry of Nothing Ever Happens was breathtaking with the chorus sung heartily by a crowd in equally fine voice. Kiss This Thing Goodbye was a joyous romp, When We Were Young sounded and looked like a band having real fun.

Driving With The Brakes On tugged on the heartstrings, the band were tight as Currie bared his soul on this stunning song with the brilliant double kiss off at the end of the chorus;

it's hard to say you love someone
it's hard to say you don't

Always The Last To Know had a real kick to it, a new song was delivered with pace and energy and offers hope to fans that the band are back for good, or at least for a while. They can do things on their terms now.

The band literally bounced off each other at times on stage, especially on the faster songs like Stone Cold Sober, but they also huddled together to deliver their glorious tender ballads, and they don't really come any more glorious than Spit In The Rain. The crowd gave this gem a special ovation.

The Del's finished a memorable performance with Move Away Jimmy Blue, fans had their hands in the air or around loved ones as they sang along. Some of the super fans will be back for round 2 tonight - lucky them.

Move away Jimmy Blue
Before your small, small town turns around
And swallows you

Check Justin Currie's Facebook page for his own fine musings on their current tour.

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