Wednesday 4 November 2015

Best Girl Athlete

New music in November

The effervescent Halina Rifai from Podcart, BLOC Music andThe Scotsman, set a nice question on Facebook last week; 'Names of Scottish EP's, albums and artists that have released this year that you feel have not got as much praise as they deserve?'

If you're looking to keep up to date with independent and DIY music in Scotland then Halina is a good person to follow on Twitter and keep an eye on the Podcart website.

A number of people replied to her post citing the artist Best Girl Athlete. I am a sucker (and a bit of a snob) for a good band/artist name and this one stood out immediately for me.

So I dove in and oh my word!

Best Girl Athlete is Katie Buchan from Aberdeen. Katie is only 16-years old and she has already released her debut album and it is one that I have fallen for on first listen. Carve Every Word was released on the indie label Fitlike Records and has also been released in the US on Minty Fresh Records.

I have just bought a copy on vinyl - this is an album to be treasured.

Every song is beautiful - the lyrics, vocals, musicianship, structure and the production. Turn off your TV, mobile and everything. Turn the lights down, pour yourself a cuppa, a beer or a glass of wine and sit back and enjoy.

Winter Sun will draw you in, the vocals and stunning music sets the tone for the album, Turn On The Radio will pull you further.

Hills reminded me of Beth Orton - a gorgeous acoustic groove with stunningly beautiful and forlorn cello over the top of it - all kinds of dreamy gorgeous. All That is a song that you can just get lost in.

Best Girl Athlete - AKA Katie Buchan

Speaking of choruses, the one on On My Own lifts the song superbly; handclaps and brilliant guitar riffs back Katie's beautiful vocals.

Don't want to know what you're thinking
Don't need to hear your life story
Just want you to be happy
Cause I'm doing fine, I'm on my own

The verses are more subdued, the second one asks questions and makes statements.

Who told you?
Who was it?
What did they say to you?
I gave you everything I had
But I didn't give enough

Which Way To Turn is spine tingling and Talk is sheer beauty.

Tell me your problems
I'll tell you mine
That seems like a fair exchange

Seven Seconds leads into a glorious groove and Poppy What Have You Gone And Done? is another gem. In truth, they all are and when the album closes with This Time you'll want to go back and listen again - beautiful, deep, sublime.

Check the video for Hills below

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