Thursday 29 October 2015

Free by Vigo Thieves

Set me free so I can fly
Break the chains of the beast inside
Night and day gonna see me soar
Close my eyes and I let it go
Flying higher than I've ever known
Night and day gonna see me soar
Close my eyes and I let it go

Vigo Thieves new single Free is out today (30th October) and as the chorus suggests, they are set to soar.

The band burst on to the Scottish music scene a few years ago with the release of their Heart and Soul Pt I EP which contained the magnificent Heartbeats that was picked up by T in the Park for use in their promo video.

An incredible 2-years followed; the band became the first unsigned act to sell-out 2 back-to-back nights at King Tuts, there was the release of the Heart & Soul Pt II EP contained the epic Forever, the soaring Believe and live favourite Ghosts, some incredible festival shows, sell-out shows at The Arches and the ABC, the Barrowlands EP and the euphoric This Love single.

The band, led by the driven songwriter and frontman Stevie Jukes, bunkered down at Rocket Science studios in Glasgow where they found two producers in Michael Bannister and Ross Hamilton who totally understood what they wanted to achieve, to record an album - an album that I have been fortunate to hear.

We'll save that for another blog though, in the meantime Free is the first single to be released from the time at Rocket Science. It has already picked up airplay on Radio 2.

Check out the brilliant video below;

Vigo trademarks are there - melodic piano, soaring backing vocals that are ripe for a stadium or festival, Stevie Jukes singing his heart out, big beats and a chorus you'll be humming and singing for days to come, one that Noel Gallagher would be proud of.

Everybody dreams of something, can you feel it, feel it?

The song could well have been written about Stevie's own dreams and ambitions for the band, yet easily transfers to everyday life for the masses. The verses talk of his head being down, working hard but it's just not enough, being trapped in a small town that feels like it is closing in... we've all been there, but having the dreams and the ambition to break free are what keep you going. Stevie and his band certainly have the dreams, ambitions and songs to break free.

I can feel it, I can feel it coming

Free is being released on King Tuts Recordings. Tour dates are below.

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