Thursday 10 February 2011

Vigo Thieves - Love Is Dead

Vigo Thieves are a band that I have been following for the last year or so. Why?

They write songs from the heart, they are hard working, creative with their use of social media and videos and the fact that they are ambitious and seem to improve every few months helps too!

The band are gearing up for the release of their latest single, 'Love Is Dead', set for release on 28th February.

Check it out the great video here and judge it for yourself before you read my review and see if you agree.

The song opens with a simple yet huge synth riff that leaves me wondering why no-one has used it before, maybe they have, but I haven't heard it.

The bass rumbles and the heartfelt and soulful lyrics kick in, with the line 'waiting to see a truth untold' sung with particular feeling before the hook 'forever waiting here, forever more' leads into the chorus as the synths and beats come crashing in.

This love is dead
Feeling that you can’t go on
This love is dead
In the shadows waiting for false dawns
This love is dead
This love is dead

This is a big song and my only constructive criticism is that it could be even bigger if it was recorded in a top studio with a great producer. Budgets don't stretch that far for unsigned bands/very small labels, however the strength of the song is clear to hear.

The verses allow the song to breath, before the soaring chorus and the second verse flows naturally from the fall out of the first chorus.

Cities on fire, we’re half awake
We’re bleeding in the dark, accepting our fate
Starting to feel a love gone cold
Forever waiting here
Forever more

And then it is straight back into the chorus.

(Stevie Jukes, singer with Vigo Thieves)

It's a 3-minute pop tune that makes me want to hear it again immediately and judging from the number of hits on YouTube already, I'm not the only one to feel that way.

Scotland has a history and love of bands that sing from the heart and shoot for the stars and in tough times it could just be that Vigo Thieves are a band that will give people something to look forward to with their gigs and releases. 

So a summary; catchy synth riffs, heartfelt lyrics and singing, epic sound and all in 3-minutes. 

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