Tuesday 11 June 2024

Never Ending Mixtape part 91



Welcome to part 91 of my Never Ending Mixtape which has almost reached the 4,000 songs landmark as we jump from 3,859 songs to 3,896!

There is the usual mix of recent discoveries, new releases and old favourites. How did I get to almost 4,000 songs without adding Once In A Lifetime by Talking Heads?! I must do a feature blog on that soon!

Anyway, as always, I hope you find a song you love or that you rediscover something you haven't heard in years. Play from the start, the middle, the end of click shuffle and see where it takes you.

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Recent discoveries

Bored by Waxhatachee

Hannah by City Parking

Soul Sister by Allen Toussaint

Every Time The Sun Comes Up by Sharon Van Etten

New releases

The Human Race by Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band

Haven't You Heard by Arab Strap

Keep Your Secrets Close by The Reds The Pinks & The Purples

Old favourites

Once In A Lifetime by Talking Heads

Keep The Car Running by Arcade Fire

Coffee & TV by Blur

Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Teenage Wasteland by The Who

Into Tomorrow by Paul Weller

Fade Away by Oasis

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