Sunday 17 December 2023

Never Ending Mixtape part 87


Welcome to the last update of 2023 on my Never Ending Mixtape which now has 3,698 songs on it at the time of writing.

You can search for Everything Flows Never Ending Mixtape on Spotify or CLICK HERE

As always, there is a diverse mix of music added, including;


Cool About It by Boygenius - the modern super group with 3 outstanding singer-songwriters.

Give You My Loving (live 1994) by Mazzy Star - I could happily listen to Hope Sandoval sing the phonebook.  I only recently discovered their Magic Hour live album - swoon!

Everest by Public Service Broadcast - The electronic band that take inspiration from old radio and TV recordings. They work something special up here.

Kinky Love by Nancy Sinatra - Discovered via Andrew Divine. Imagine walking into a record shop as a teenage boy and seeing this song title!

Let Me Go by SAULT - I'm still making my way through all the SAULT albums. They recently played live for the very first time and I REALLY hope they play Glasgow sometime.

Temptation Inside Your Heart by The Velvet Underground - Another discovery via Andrew Divine who I thoroughly enjoyed DJ-ing when I caught Belle and Sebastian playing live recently. I have the VU album of out-takes on CD but I can't say I have listened to it in ... probably decades! Possibly not this century! I will be listening again soon. This recording is from a Valentines Day session in 1968. I love how relaxed they all sound, there is a simple two chord groove and John Cale talks over things. 


Love In The Upside Down by David Holmes and Raven Violet - one of my songs of the year.

Can't Believe We're Here by J Mascis - bodes well for his forthcoming new solo album.

The Friends We Lost by Eric Cantona - King Eric turns his hand to songwriting ... cool!

West End Girls by Sleaford Mods (HiFi Sean remix) - the Mods cover Pet Shop Boys and HiFi Sean sprinkles it with some magic disco dust.

Love And Hate in a Different Time (Greg Wilson & Che Wilson Original Extended Mix) by Gabriels - An extended take on a true modern classic. Sublime.


All My Life by Evan Dando - melts my heart every time.

Tell Me What You See by The Beatles - I've found a new love for this song after it was covered on the What They Do To Me tribute album.

If I Never See You Again by Teenage Fanclub - also melts my heart every time!

You're Pretty Good Looking For A Girl by The White Stripes - Jack White comes across like a garage Paul McCartney. Super raw melodic pop! I was very fortunate for catch The White Stripes at King Tuts back in the day and this stood out for me.

How Do You Sleep by The Stone Roses - My love for The Second Coming album grows with every passing year. This is a gem.

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