Monday, 23 May 2022

Blood Orange EP


With no prior warning, Poster Paints released their Blood Orange EP on Friday 20th May, simultaneously announcing they had signed with Ernest Jenning (America) & Olive Grove Records to release music this year. 

Those of you that read my previous blog reviewing their Sleazys show (or if you follow the band on social media) will note that they have received test pressings of their debut album. Expect more news on that soon.

Carla: "We're really excited to be working with Ernest Jenning & Olive Grove Records on releasing our music this year! It's a brilliant opportunity for us to collaborate with two brilliant independent labels who are committed to supporting artists they love and be part of a global family who will nurture our music."

The Blood Orange EP features the two singles released last year plus the title track and a cover of the Love Positions/Lemonheads gem Into Your Arms.

Blood Orange is a dreamy beauty that flows with ease, at a gorgeously lazy pace, there is plenty of space before shimmering guitar comes in, picking up into the bursting blood orange refrain, Carla singing over another sublime Liddell guitar riff.

I'm seeking something more exciting, to colour in my day

Poster Paints take on Into Your Arms is pretty true to The Lemonheads version, Liddell plays an aching riff while Carla sings with a purity and soul. Poster Paints have a natural ability to make everything they do sound dreamy - in all the right ways.

I know I won't be alone, be alone anymore

Debut single Number 1 still bursts with energy, the beats, the reverb, the hooks ... cause kids are so naive, I wear my heart on my sleeve ...

Never Saw It Coming sounds even better 9-months down the line, the sound and portrayal of heartbreak in the hook I can't believe you're gone, I never saw it coming 

Poster Paints are beginning to build momentum again. I can't wait for more shows and the album.


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