Saturday, 20 February 2021

Teenage Fanclub Fanclub Podcast - The long way round


Welcome to episode 3 + 4 of the Everything Flows Glasgow Podcast and the first in what will be a regular feature - the Teenage Fanclub Fanclub in conversation.

My love of Teenage Fanclub has led to me meeting some brilliant people; online through the old Forum on the website, then at gigs and then through the new Fanclub Fanclub Facebook Group.

During lockdown I arranged a few zoom calls with members of the group and it was great to chat music over some beers, while also finding out what was happening in different parts of the country and around the world. I thoroughly enjoyed the calls and wondered if other people would too - could we record them for a podcast?

So I hope to record a monthly Teenage Fanclub Fanclub podcast where we discuss certain times, albums, singles, b-sides and shows. Or we just completely wing it!

For these episodes I was joined by Barry McLuskie and Alan Clarke. Alan came up with the idea of everyone selecting a song by each of Raymond, Gerry and Norman. Then expanding on that idea by deciding we couldn't select singles or songs featured on the Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty-Six Seconds - A Shortcut to Teenage Fanclub compilation.

We'd take the long way round - pun intended!

Thanks to Alan and Barry for brightening my Friday night with beers and chat over zoom to record this podcast. I hope it brightens your day if you choose to listen.

Here is a list of songs that we chose. You can search for Everything Flows Glasgow podcast on Spotify or click here for Episode 3 and Episode 4. It's available on all kinds of other platforms as well, including my podcast website via Anchor FM.

Barry has put the songs (minus Broken) into a playlist HERE. We've also included songs by our friend Donald who couldn't make it last night. 

The Long Way Round to Teenage Fanclub

Only With You (Alan)

Fear Of Flying (A)

Dark Clouds (A)

Tears Are Cool (Murray)

Near You (M)

Broken (M) (I'm More Inclined on the playlist)

Feel (Barry)

Thin Air (B)

Alcoholiday (B)

Can't Feel My Soul (Donald)

Cul de Sac (D)

Darkest Part Of The Night (D)

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