Saturday 27 February 2021

Podcast with Port Sulphur & Ross Sinclair


Episode 5 with Douglas MacIntyre (Port Sulphur) & Professor Ross Sinclair

My friend Stephen from Into Creative is currently raising funds and awareness for Tiny Changes, the charity set up in memory and celebration of Scott Hutchison.

Stephen is asking bands and artists to record a cover version of a song that is personal to them. In addition, a visual artist is then challenged to create an accompanying film.

I was keen to help promote Stephen's project and he very kindly arrange for me to chat with Douglas MacIntyre (Port Sulphur, the Creeping Bent Organisation record label and FRETS Creative) and Professor Ross Sinclair from Glasgow School of Art and formerly of The Soup Dragons.

We discussed Port Sulphur's cover of Josef K's It's Kinda Funny with Ross' accompanying film, punk and post punk, the importance of Joy Division, going to punk gigs at 11 and 13, Postcard Records, the FRETS shows Douglas is putting on, Ross' forthcoming album on Last Night From Glasgow that is around 20-years in the making, crowdfunding and patreon models for record labels and the importance of doing things your way.

Download It's Kinda Funny from Bandcamp. All collaborations are available and more will be added. 

Make a donation to the project for Tiny Changes

Check the podcast on Spotify or via my podcast website (where there are links to other platforms)

And check the beautiful cover version and Ross' film below / HERE

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