Thursday 16 July 2020

Never Knew You

Set your phasers to be stunned.

Never Knew You is the second single from my wee sis Carla J Easton from her forthcoming album Weirdo that comes out on Olive Grove Records at the end of August. It's available on all the usual digital channels including her own Bandcamp page.

Get Lost, its predecessor was all dreamy, escapism pop, getting away from it all and turning the radio off. Super catchy with a punch the sky euphoric chorus.

Never Knew You is like its grown up sister. Still pop, still playful, but packed with heartbreak, heartache, reflection, realisation and defiance.

I think I said something along the lines of 'you should send this to Taylor Swift' to Carla when she first sent it through to me. I try (but largely fail) to refrain from blogging about my sisters music and leave that to others, but this feels like a bit of a landmark single. The video (below) is pretty incredible as well, especially as it was shot during lockdown.

Opening with a crazily playful melody, the lyrics capture the hope of potential new love, followed by the realisation that there were lies from the off.

I was like 'oh my good he's perfect'
Took a chance if it was worth it
Struck fools good, lit a match
Hoped a fire would catch
And it did for a while
I believed the lies you hid beneath that smile

The second verse follows on before an absolutely huge chorus with synths zooming, squelching and making all kinds of delightful noises.

I don't think I ever really knew you
Knew you, ooh, ooh, at all
And finally I think I see right through you
For who ooh ooh you are
And all I know is that I wasted time, being naive as a child
And I never knew you, ooh ooh
Well never mind

The third and fourth verses are full on therapeutic realisation before another burst of the chorus.

The break at 2 minutes 24 seconds is one of my favourite moments that my sister has ever recorded. So simple and catchy, yet so deep, meaningful and clever. Listen on headphones to get the full effect of the backing vocals.

When I was up, i was up
But when I was down you were never around
And that was not good enough, for me

Another blast of the chorus with a few extra lines thrown in for good measure and we're done and Carla has moved on, through the heartbreak with help from pop.

Weirdo is out at the end of August. You can pre-order the Raspberry and Cream vinyl from her Bandcamp page (only 35/200 left at the time of writing).

Or you can pre-order the ice-cream with sprinkles version from the good people at Monorail or Assai Records. Both have 50 copies each.

Could be a quick sell-out!

Carla also has a virtual zoom tour with dates on 24/07 w/ Lemon Drink, 25/07 w/ Malka and on 31/07 with Broken Chanter. More info and tickets via her website

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