Tuesday 28 July 2020

Birds of Pandaemonium

Earlier today I was listening to Lauren Laverne's fantastic 6 Music show when I was stopped in my tracks by a song, Days Go By, the debut single by Birds of Pandaemonium, released by Our Starry Universe.

The duo, based in Brooklyn, are Millennium Culkin and Hazy James (born in Inverness). With Days Go By they produce a beautiful shimmering majestic quality, set over New Order-esque beats, while the vocals are reminiscent of Ian McCulloch, the guitar solo certainly tips a nod to Will Sergeant.

One other blogger has described the song; 'if Air invited Bowie along to their Moon Safari sessions then it might have sounded a little something like this.'

Hazey James from the band had this to say about their debut single; 

It's new chapter and pure emotion. It's an inner call to love without expectation. It's a conscious choice to move forward the positive regardless of the obstacle one may face. It's a mantra to truly make each day better, for yourself and for everyone in your orbit.

The ten minute Bryan Mette remix is something to check out as well!

You can find out more about the band from this excellent interview.

Download / stream / order the limited 12-inch single from Birds of Pandaemonium Bandcamp page

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