Friday 6 December 2019

The Music Box by Ruth Copeland

Trust me #8
The Music Box by Ruth Copeland

In the summer of 2004 I bought a compilation album called Songs for Mario's Cafe by Saint Etienne. Well before then, I had learned that Bob Stanley from the band had exceptional taste in music that was matched by his knowledge and thirst for more.

Every single song on this compilation was like finding treasure. I hadn't heard any of them before! I'll be blogging on some of my favourite compilation albums in 2020.

One of the songs that stood out from this particular compilation was a song called The Music Box by an artist called Ruth Copeland. I was blown away by the music, production, voice and raw emotion that leapt out of this song.

Starting with a children's choir singing a la la la la la la la melody, that you can instantly sing-a-long to, The Music Box makes use of the choir throughout, with Copeland singing in a crystal clear voice over a funky Motown style beat.

Copeland is on a plane to meet a lost love who has written to say he is marrying and has a child. In her pocket she carries the letter and a music box that her lost love had given her. Reading between the lines, the music box kept the flame alive. Now, Copeland feels she has to return the music box which plays their song.

The second verse is heartbreaking, Copeland meets he lost love, hands him the music box and walks away, hearing him open the box and play their song.

I could only hand to him the music box and turn away
And as I walked away from all our love I heard him play

The la la la la la la la melody is what the music box plays, leading to an incredible section of the choir singing the melody and Copeland breaking down, literally sobbing along over a beat that is crying out to be sampled, if it hasn't been already.

Trust me, this is a gem. Check it out below and dig into her limited back catalogue that includes a sensational 8-minute cover of Gimme Shelter.

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