Friday 18 December 2015

Ette - Christmas Day With My Boy

Ette is the solo music project by my sister - Carla J Easton, who is also in TeenCanteen. Carla has worked with Joe Kane from Dr Cosmos Tape Lab to record an album of material that will come out on Olive Grove Records next year.

Before then there is the small matter of a debut single, that just so happens to be a Christmas song that is coming out on a limited edition heart shaped Ette Christmas bauble with a download code. They may well be sold out by the time you read this so check quickly if interested. Fear not, you can download Spending Every Christmas Day With My Boy and the AA-side Birthdays (single version).

Spending Every Christmas Day With My Boy is melodic, funny, sweet and definitely influenced by Phil Spector with bells, all kinds of percussion and lovely warm acoustic guitars.

The melody is catchy, the vocals are strong and true and as the cover may help to suggest, the boy in question was my sisters cat who she always looked forward to coming home to during the Christmas holidays.

We will light a fair, we will warm our toes
We've got Christmas presents and mistletoe
We've got family, we've got fairly lights
We've had Santa Claus visit in the night

And my heart is full of joy
Knowing that I'm spending Christmas Day with my boy

The AA-side Birthdays (single version) has a lovely playful ukulele rhythm backing it and the vocals are strong again, there is a real looseness to them. The lyrics and melody are as playful as the A-side.

I wear pink when I feel blue
Cause cherry bombs turn out not to
Mean anything at all to you no more

Carla and Joe have clearly hit it off and I can't wait for the album to come out.

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