Thursday 29 September 2011

Three for Thursday 29/09/11 - Independent guitar pop in Scotland

Hello all

I'm very busy all day tomorrow, so rather than Five for Friday, here is Three for Thursday to set you for the weekend.

Scotland is awash with some fantastic DIY and independent music right now. So this week I'm going to highlight some of my favourite guitar pop bands in the country.

We start with Minature Dinosaurs and their new single 'Alligator'. Regular readers of this blog (and hey, there are a few) may recall me seeing them for the first time at Tuts last year and comparing them to the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Orange Juice and this single, released on Saraseto Records, kind of backs up my comparison. Jerky, catchy, funky at times, this is brilliant fun guitar pop. I look forward to seeing them live again.

I am biased as I manage them, but this is just majestic guitar pop/rock from Sonny Marvello, released on 3rd October by Ignite Records. I've already reviewed/previewed this on a previous blog, so just enjoy it. Look out for the crashing guitar riffs at the end....stunning.

Next up is a band that I know are hard at work on their album and I am really looking forward to hearing it. Vigo Thieves write anthems, songs to sing from the bottom of your heart. They have already released some singles and EP's. This is just epic, can you imagine if it was recorded in Abbey Road or something? It would be HUGE.

I'd also recommend checking out Little Eskimos and The OK Social Club, unfortunately they don't have videos with fantastic sound quality, it is all live stuff from what I can see on YouTube, check it out though.

Have a great weekend.

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