Saturday 24 September 2011

Sonny Marvello - Tiny Little Sparks EP

I fell in love with the band Sonny Marvello from the very first time I saw them playing in Sloans Ballroom, coming across like early Blur. Since then the band have developed considerably and this is highlighted in their forthcoming release; the Tiny Little Sparks EP that will be released on Ignite Records on 3rd October.

The title track was debuted at King Tuts in February 2011, causing an immediate positive reaction amongst the crowd. It was then honed, toned and recorded in May. Later that month Craig McGee of Glasgow Music played the song on his slot with Ally McCrae on BBC Radio 1. Their own comments are below.

'I can see that (Tiny Little Sparks) in a festival field with people bouncing and bouncing.'
Ally McCrae, BBC Radio 1 Introducing, Detour

'Sonny Marvello's songwriting keeps getting stronger and stronger. Tiny Little Sparks is glorious, joyous pop with lots of catchy hooks and harmonies.'
Craig McGee,, Warner Chappell Scout

i have to agree. 'Tiny Little Sparks' takes in elements of some of the bands favourite artists. The piercing guitar riff is reminiscent of Coldplay, the instrumental break in the middle reminds me of Radiohead, the keyboards/synth riff at 2 mins 50 seconds is clearly influenced by The Who, as are the crashing guitar riffs that follow. The vocals soar effortlessly throughout, check the video below.

The remaining tracks on the EP are 'Young Offender' - a pure guitar pop number that screams Amercian College Radio, recorded with Kevin Harper of Little Eskimos in Stirling.

And this beautiful acoustic number; 'Fire Went Out', recorded in spring. This is one of my songs of the year, just heartfelt and gorgeous.

The EP ends with a Rocket Science remix of Tiny Little Sparks. This is as strong an EP as I have heard in a long, long time.

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