Friday 1 July 2011

Five for Friday, five for Zoe

The sun is shining and my stunning baby girl Zoe and my beautiful wife Lynn are coming home from hospital today. I'm a Dad!

So here are five songs for Zoe;

We kick off with the rather gorgeous original '3 is the Magic Number' by Bob Dorough.

Next up is The Beatles with the gorgeous 'Here, There & Everywhere';

Followed up by the Stone Roses and 'Waterfall', the tune that came on Radio 2 at around 4am on Sunday morning as we were driving to the hospital. I smiled at the line 'soon to be put to the test.'

Then on Tuesday night I was drivig home listening to Jo Whiley on Radio 2 and she played this, the words just seemed perfect for my mood as I had a sore neck from gazing at Zoe all day!

I'll end with this amazing song by U2 that has been in my head since their storming Glastonbury set last Friday night in the driving rain.


Kowalskiy said...

Congratulations Murray!

John M Kerr said...

Congrats indeed Murray. Waterfall seems a particularly beautiful choice for your new baby girl, and lyrically a very enigmatic one too.