Friday 22 July 2011

Five for Friday

Last summer at Rock Ness I witnessed a truly inspiring performance from Leftfield. The sound was incredible, the music was from another planet, the atmosphere was positive and uplifting, a great festival performance. This was a real highlight, 'Afrika Shox';

It is 30-years since the release of Depeche Mode's debut single. It still sounds fresh and vital. I'm not the biggest fan of the Mode, I prefer their earlier poppier stuff with Vince Clarke before their darker, gothier stuff after he left. This is pure pop.

When two of my favourite acts combined in the early 00's they produced a remarkable single that left me wondering what they could do if they had time to work on an album. This is Wayne Coyne with the Chemical Brothers, enjoy;

Two of my other favourite artists did combine to make a few albums worth of material. Bernard Sumner from New Order teamed up with Johnny Marr after the demise of The Smiths to produce some exquisite pop, with the added benefit of guest vocals from Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys. Here they all are on Top of the Pops.

David Bowie has always been ahead of his time, with his appearance, music, vision and art. 'A New Career In A New Town' is an instrumental taken from his legendary 1977 album 'Low';

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