Wednesday 15 June 2011

New 12,000 capacity arena for Glasgow in 2013

This week saw the soft launch of the Scottish Hyrdo Arena on the banks of the Clyde, next to the Armadillo and the SECC. The Scottish Hyrdo website says it is already being referred to as 'the Hydro'. Mmmm nothing like a bit of mind games to get people referring to the corporate name. Hopefully music fans will come up with another name for it.

Regardless, this is a welcome addition to the Scottish Music Scene, with Geoff Ellis of DF Concerts already commenting that a venue with this capacity would have brought shows by the likes of Madonna to Glasgow in the past.

With the SECC operating to capcity for shows, exhibitions and concerts, 'the Hyrdo' (I need to come up with a name!) is something that is going to generate even more income to the musical city of Glasgow, with hopes that it will host up to 140 events per year and up to 1 million visitors - pretty staggering.

The blurb on the website goes on to say that they venue could generate £131 million per annum to the economy. In tough financial times we Scot's still like a drink, a sing-song and a laugh.

Although I have slagged off the name, full credit to Scottish Hyrdo for investing £1.5 million a year for 10-years in the venue; it will bring jobs and world class entertainment to Glasgow.

Plans are already underway to launch the venue with a string of events, hopefully they will go with a Scottish artist(s) for the opening night with Biffy Clyro already being suggested by Scott Hutchison from Frightened Rabbit.

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John M Kerr said...

With a nod to our pop cultural history, let's call it Apollo 2. Or, The Dear Green Playhouse!