Saturday, 27 May 2023

Never Ending Mixtape part 82

Aaaahhhhh I never noted the last song when I last updated you all on my Never Ending Mixtape! So I'm just going to go with a hunch and bring you up to date on a few additions. I think you all know the score by now.

Back in the day I'd put an awful lot of thought, time and effort into creating mixtapes (and then mix cd's) for family and friends. I still put quite a bit of that into my Anything Goes & Everything Flows monthly 60-minute playlists, but for my Never Ending Mixtape playlist, I just add stuff on a whim.

There are now 3,306 songs on my Never Ending Mixtape and 314 lovely people follow it. Thanks very much if you do and thanks very much if you just check it out from time to time. 

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Latest additions include;


New Sensation - INXS, Going Nowhere - Oasis, Oh! Vanity - The Charlatans, Run of the Mill - George Harrison, 


I'm A Rolling Stones - The Sonics, Look Both Ways - The Rain Parade, Celebrate Me - Baxter Drury, 


One Week - Carla J Easton, Mother Father - Eyes of Others, The Narcissist - Blur

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