Saturday 4 February 2023

Heavy Heavy

Here is my track-by-track take on the new Young Fathers album after a couple of listens.

Young Fathers Heavy Heavy explodes into action with the opening track Rice. The bass is heavy ... heavy, the beats are tribal, the melodies flow and there is a gospel choir.

I Saw has a powerful urgency, the bass is reminiscent of Massive Attack, the groove allowing so much to go on over the top of it. There is a lot going on and it's f**king magical. The layers, the production, the hooks and harmonies. 

An Ethiopian choir (I think) is introduced on Drum as the song builds beautifully and Young Fathers introduce a mantra that becomes hypnotic.  

Hear the beat of the drums and go numb, have fun, go on
We don't need all the ones to have won, so have one, someone
And then some

Tell Somebody has a falsetto vocal over a dreamy organ and synth sound. Young Fathers work it up  again, the drums CRASH and again they layer things up with so much tender care. Sublime. When things drop back to the organ you realise what a trip you've been on. Lost in the music. This is beautiful.

Young Fathers are really in the zone on this album. The dreamy vibe continues with Geronimo, the band create another beautiful groove. This just feels so good. And then over the groove they just run with it over a get on, get off mantra.

I'm on the verge of somethin' divine that's gonna keep me in line
Most of my life I've been thinkin', got the feelin'  I'm caught in a bind
Being a son, brother, uncle, father figure, I  gotta survive and provide
My momma said you'll never please your woman, but you'll have a good time trying

Shoot Me Down kicks in to bring you out of a trance like state after the trilogy of Drum, Tell Somebody and Geronimo. The band are soon back into a groove, there is another stunning falsetto. And then the band take flight for the outro. It's cut short,  I'd have likes to hear it go on, but Young Fathers have ways of grabbing your attention. 

Ululation is sheer joy, the music and the euphoric tribal woops. It's pretty cinematic, widescreen, in technicolour, this is euphoric.

Oh baby won't you let me in
My mind is saying sink or swim

Sink Or Swim has more instantly memorable vocal melodies, layered up to into a dreamy mantra, the beats are so infectious. 

Holy Moly is darker, but gospel style piano chords are introduced halfway though and then things explode into a joyful chorus

Don't feel ready, ready to erect
My back's still broken from all life's effect
I still think about the words that you said
Oh, you said,oh, you said, you said,  you said

Closing with Be Your Lady, beginning all tender and then going all gloriously glitchy electro, Young Fathers Heavy Heavy is 10 songs in under 33-minutes. It delivers so much but leaves you wanting more.

Those lucky enough to see them on their forthcoming tour are in for a real treat.


Khayem said...

Blog synchronicity in action as I posted about Heavy Heavy yesterday too:

I'd only given the album one listen prior to posting but I don't think I could have come close to your track-by-track breakdown. A great take on a great album, many thanks!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Khayem. I think the strong coffee I had while listening on headphones helped get me in the zone. It's an incredible album. The way Young Fathers have developed (and are developing) is mind blowing.