Thursday 28 July 2016

I’m In Love by Teenage Fanclub

I’m In Love is the new single by Teenage Fanclub as the band return following an extended break. Released to radio back in June, a new Brian Sweeney directed video has been released today to gee fellow Fanclub fans up ahead of the new album Here, set for release on 9th September.

The band have all been pretty busy since the release of 2010’s beautiful Shadows album. Norman has toured and released with Jonny, Jad Fair and the New Mendicants, Gerry delivered the summery delight of his Lightships album, Francis has released Building Jerusalem - a classical soundtrack and also an instrumental album, while Raymond has helped out Dave with Snowgoose and Dave has also been busy with Belle and Sebastian.

Naturally, it is a welcome return. Teenage Fanclub’s 2014 summer show at the Kelvingrove Bandstand was proof of the love that exists for this wonderful band. That has been demonstrated by the incredible response to the September warm-up shows and the winter tour, with many shows selling out quickly. I'm particularly looking forward to the Glasgow weekender!

On to I’m In Love. I first heard this song in May 2015 when I gave Norman and his very good friend Duglas a lift back to Bellshill from Edinburgh after they kindly played The Girl Effect charity show organised by my sister. The two were in fantastic form, bouncing off each other and discussing all kinds of music.

I couldn’t resist asking Norman what was happening with Teenage Fanclub and he was only too pleased to let me know, asking if I would like to hear some songs from the album! My wife Lynn is incredibly untechnical and couldn’t get Norman’s phone plugged in, so Norman was leaning over sorting this out as we sped along the M8!

Thankfully Norman got it sorted and we blasted out I’m In Love and a few other tracks, one that may be on the next Jonny album. My wife was a little drunk and commented ‘it’s very Teenage Fanclub’, causing us all to laugh!

I'm In Love is very Teenage Fanclub-y! It’s upbeat, positive, the harmonies sound as good as ever (if not better as I have missed them so much), a great guitar solo and it flows superbly. There is warmth, urgency, soul and it zips along, a 2 minutes and 41 seconds summery guitar pop wonder.

The video fits the song perfectly; showing the band getting together, recording, enjoying the scenery and hospitality offered by Edwyn Collins in Helmsdale. There are smiles, a kick about, the sun shines for TFC and a rainbow even makes an appearance.

Welcome back. Roll on the album and the shows.

You don’t know, what you mean to me
Girl I owe you my life

It feels good
When you're close to me
That’s enough, that’s enough
Isn’t life such a mystery?
I’m in love, with your love 


George McKeeve said...

Nice one, Murray.

The Swede said...

Being hammered by 6Music and quite rightly so. It gets better with every hearing.