Tuesday 26 April 2016

Francis the Great - Look Up In The Sky

Click on the YouTube link below and listen to Look Up In The Sky, an exceptionally fresh, beautiful and funky track by Francis the Great that I heard on Lauren Laverne’s headphone moment today.

It is over 12-minutes of stretched out afro-funk-soul by the best French and Cameroonian musicians from the time with a 7-year old singing/talking over the top. It was recorded in France in 1977

When I look up I see the birds
In the sky I see birds fly

Look up, look up, look up in the sky

The groove is infectious, punctuated by horns, the vocal is so pure - like only a 7-year old could do, there are some crazy synth solos over the top of the funky guitar, the beats are relentless, keeping it all going and keeping it all together.

The song is over 12-minutes long and is one of 2-tracks on an album(?) entitled Ravissante Baby. The other song is the title track that is also over 12-minutes long.

But yeah, take Lauren’s suggestion and stick your headphones on and then click below for the incredible Look Up In The Sky and enjoy.

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