Thursday 31 March 2016

Last Night from Glasgow Records

So....I have co-founded a record label! Along with 5 friends I have co-founded Last Night from Glasgow Records (or LNfG Records). Top marks to anyone who guesses where the name came from!

Here is a little information about the label that may be of interest;

Objective - to help unsigned artists release their work (mostly) via vinyl, to promote and help them in any way we can.

Music - anything goes....well, almost. I don’t think we’ll release any heavy metal! We would love to release music we fall for - creative, interesting and melodic, music we think warrants a helping hand or platform. At present we need artists to come to us with release ready material (who knows - if things go well in the future we might be able to fund studio time)- electro, pop, guitar pop, americana, soul, funk, disco..... don’t be shy, but be good and be confident and passionate about your material.

Crowdfunding/label members - the label is essentially founded on the crowdfunding principle which makes so much sense. We want to get 100 members (we have 72 at the time of going to press) to help fund a number of releases (5 or 6) each year. Potentially more depending on how sales go.

The label is strictly not-for-profit - All profits will be split between the label and artists, with all of the labels profits being reinvested for future releases.

Membership benefits - Each member will receive each release, so the artist has essentially sold 100 records from the off (106 including the board). We’ll be printing runs of 300, so 200 (196) will be up for sale to the public. Each member will also gain access to exclusive label launch parties and in short play a huge role in helping some amazing artists release records.

Membership fee - Is £50 per annum and I can guarantee that members will get value for money in terms of releases, involvement and lots of fun at gigs and parties.

LNFG 001
A - The Ballad of the Nearly Man - Mark W. Georgsson featuring Katie McArthur   
AA - Söngur hins mædda manns - Sigríður Thorlacius ásamt Arnari Guðjónssyni
The first release on Last Night from Glasgow Records will be a AA sided 7-inch single involving the singer-songwriter Mark W Georgsson and friends.

Around the time Ian and I began to discuss forming a record label (I’ll save that for another blog but Ian first emailed me on January 22nd and we only met for the first time shortly afterwards!), Mark also contacted me with an album he had finished recording. It is a beautiful Celtic-Americana-Folk album produced by Rod Jones from Idlewild. I really fell for it (completely different from Mark’s former pop punk band Velveteen Saints who I really liked) and told him about the idea for a label and wondered if he would be up for releasing something.

Mark was keen to launch his solo career and we hit upon the idea of a double AA side featuring his song The Ballad of the Nearly Man which is friends in Iceland have also recorded in their native tongue for the flip side.

Both versions are absolutely beautiful and I am thrilled that we are launching our label with such a stunning 7-inch single. Arnari (male vocalist on the AA side) is the singer from cult Icelandic band Leaves.

Mark’s connections don’t end there, he is also friends with acclaimed Scottish photographer Brian Sweeney who is a fellow Albion Rovers supporter - there are not too many, so I think they all know each other! Brian has kindly provided 2 stunning images from football grounds in Scotland and Iceland.

If you’d like to find out more about the label visit;


Artwork for LNFG 001 - Pictures by Brian Sweeney

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