Friday 3 August 2012

Under the Westway - Blur

So Blur's summer single 'Under the Westway' is a gorgeous, melancholic affair.

It takes almost a minute before Albarn begins to sing following a gentle introduction. He sings from the heart, raw at times and beautifully so.

The live version on the video below just captures the song perfectly. It is Blur at their best, harmonies, lovely keyboard chords, Coxon coaxing some warm fuzzed electric guitar sounds, some gentle bells and the rythm section keeping it simple and effective. Less is more.

2012 is proving to be a year of musical reflection with many from Albarn's era looking back to years gone by, reforming or touring favourite albums.

While Blur are also reflecting on their glorious past with a lavish 21 CD/DVD boxset, Albarn and co continue to look forward, providing a teasing glimpse of what the four friends could conjur up if they could be locked in a studio for a week or two.

Albarn is an exceptional artist that should be lauded and embraced. The word genius is used far too casually these days, it can certainly apply to Albarn and the music of Blur. The poetic lyrics to 'Under the Westway' were inspired by building work taking place near Albarn's studio.
 There were blue skies in my city today Ev'rything was sinking Said snow would come on Sunday The old school was due and the traffic grew Up on the Westway Where I stood watching comets on their lonesome trails Shining up above me the jet fuel it fell Down to earth where the money always comes first And the sirens sing Bring us the day they switch off the machines Cos men in yellow jackets, putting adverts inside my dreams An automated song and the whole world gone Fallen under the spell of the Distance between us when we communicate Still picking up shortwave Somewhere they're out in space It depends how you're wired when the night's on fire Under the Westway Now it's magic arrows hitting the bull Doing 180 still standing at last call When the flags coming down And the last post sounds Just like a love song For the way I feel about you Paradise not lost, it's in you On a permanent basis I apologise But I am going to sing Hallelujah Sing it loud and sing it to you Am I lost out at sea 'Til a tide wash me up off the Westway

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