Monday 6 August 2012

Ace City Racers - Waiting

The opening guitar riff might give it away, if it doesn't perhaps the fact that 'Waiting' by Ace City Racers song was produced by the legendary Stephen Street should - these guys love Blur! The single is coming out on Fred Perry's Subculture label as a free download on 13th August and it looks from the video like the band have been paid in Fred Perry gear. The Smith's Johnny Marr is a friend of Stephen Street's and is a fellow fan of the band, describing 'Waiting' as "like Roxy migrated to London to hang with The Soft Boys and Blur, No bad thing in my book"! 'Waiting' is a tight guitar pop song that bursts into life and I have kind of fallen for the opening lyric;
'I am free from the instruction manual, I've learned to operate on my own'.
The band have an ear for pop, they also let loose towards the end with some experimental sounds and they pack a lot into 2 minutes and 41 seconds This is out as a free download on 13th August. So if you like the video, head back to get it on your ipod. Stephen Street isn't going to lend his name to any old tosh and Ace City Racers have done well to bag him and the backing of Fred Perry, not to mention Johnny Marr!

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