Monday 16 July 2012

Rick Redbeard/Adam Stafford split 7-inch, Gerry Loves Records

So I'd been home for an hour tonight before my wife said 'What have you been buying now?' before she handed a package over. The answer was a t-shirt from Gerry Loves Records and a split 7-inch package containing their most recent release (no.9) Rick Redbead & Adam Stafford and an earlier release that I don't have in my wee Gerry Loves collection by (no.2) Trapped In Kansas and Yahweh.

me breathing in!

Gerry Loves Records could be described as a boutique record label based in Edinburgh, specialising in bringing artists together for split 7-inch singles or 12-inch EP's. I can't remember how I discovered them but I bought their first release and I was then involved through Miaoux Miaoux in their third release, also buying their Paws/Lady North release.

So it is a busy and productive label and owner Andy Lobban clearly has excellent taste in music (Paws have signed to Fat Cat and Miaoux Miaoux to Chemikal for example) and art (the packaging is always fantastic).

I have mentioned Adam Stafford a few times on this blog and his offering of 'Vanishing Tanks' for this split 7-inch is one of the best things (or at least my favourite) I have heard from him. 

The guitar riff sounds pretty familiar and it is really bugging me as to what it sounds like. Adam lays down beats over the guitar and then layers his voice to great effect. The section/chorus/mantra 'won't let you walk away, won't let you walk away, out of here now' is glorious.

Adam is a prolific and talented artist, check out his Wiseblood Industries website to discover his back catalogue. I would highly recommend last years 'Build A Harbour Immediately' album to start with.

I had no idea who Rick Redbeard was when I bought this as I ordered it on the strength of Adam.    It turns out that Rick is the lead singer of The Phantom Band, who are a band I can appreciate but can't get into at all.

I didn't have any problems getting into 'Now We're Dancing' though. The guitar riff is softly picked out over some gentle percussion. Rick's voice is stunning, lifting the song at all the right times. This is one of the most beautiful lyrics of the year for me.

I would love to say your name, if only for the sound

Some bubbling electronica is spliced into the song in the perfect way, as is some melodica. This song just sounds timeless. It is ripe for a film.

If you order the 7-inch it comes with 2 bonus tracks as well! I haven't got to them yet as I keep playing the record!

The Yahweh and Trapped In Kansas 7-inch comes in a handmade fabric sleeve with polaroids stuck on by the bands themselves.

'Make Me Stop' by Yahweh is brilliant. It reminds me of acts like the Postal Service. The vocals are put through some kind of effects, the synths bubble, there is some gentle glockenspiel...its all quite psychedelic in a modern way. I love this. The vocal melody just flows superbly.

So there you go - some new music and a brilliant little label run by someone who, like me, is also madly in love with Teenage Fanclub. Check it all out via the links in this blog.

'Towerblock' by Trapped In Kansas is all chiming guitars and very Scottish sounding vocals. It takes a while to get going and when it does the hook is hammered home.

Fall down, this is like love and I feel lost

There are 2 bonus tracks available via download with this release as well, I'll leave them for you to check out yourself.

So there you go - some new music and a brilliant little label run by someone who, like me, is also madly in love with Teenage Fanclub. Check it all out via the links in this blog.

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