Thursday 12 January 2012

Weighed Down by Tigercat

Music never fails to amaze or thrill me, sometimes more than others. Sometimes you need a bit of luck to discover something; a recommendation from a friend, you like a record sleeve, you fancy a singer or guitarist, you read a good review.....

I'm not massive on twitter, I can go days without logging in. However today when I logged in @roughtradeshop had tweeted about a 12-inch of a Jamie XX remix of Adele. I thought I'd click through and check how much it was whilst simultaneously checking it out on YouTube. I still like to buy vinyl, especially something a little different for the odd time I DJ at parties.  When I was on the Rough Trade website I did a wee search to see if they had any Greg Wilson remixes/edits. 

A 12-inch by a band I had never heard of was flagged up - the band in question were Tigercat with a track called 'Weighed Down'.

A quick YouTube search brought the video for the original of the track up on my screen. I was captivated immediately.

Fuzzy, scuzzy guitar starts the song off before the beat kicks in and the gorgeous singer (Natasha Adorlee Johnson) comes in, the vocals draw you in further. 'Down, weighed down, weighed down....'

The production sounds exceptionally fresh as the song builds, it lifts to another level at just over a  minute 'if you're asking me, I'm feeling like a child inside your eyes'.

With the closing two minutes really taking it on, I would love to hear this blasting out in a club. I can't wait to get my hands on the vinyl.

I've ordered the 12-inch and downloaded the TigerCat EP. Loving it.

Hope they come to Scotland some time.

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