Monday 30 January 2012

Happy Monday - the Mondays reform

My Mum got me the Shaun Ryder autobiography for Christmas and I've just finished reading it, just as the Mondays confirm they are reforming for some dates with the Inspiral Carpets.

I find Shaun Ryder hilarious; a complete one off in terms of lyrics, sense of (unique) melody and feel and chemical ingestion.

I don't know what state the reformed Mondays will be in but good luck to them if they do. I don't think I would be parting any money for a ticket.

Anyway, Happy Monday. Lets look back at some of the Mondays finest moments.

24-Hour Party People

This video always causes me to smile. Performing live on Tony Wilson's OSM, Shaun and Bez are clearly 'loved up' to the max. Ryder is wearing ridiculous glasses but somehow managing to make them look cool. Bez is lost in the music from the start and the onstage chemistry between the two of them during the instrumental is a joy to see; a band cutting loose and loving it. How often do you see that these days? The reverb is cranked up to the max, Ryder spouts gibberish and somehow it all works and sounds like fun.

Wrote For Luck
My favourite Mondays track and my fave video too. If ever a promo video encapsulated what a band is all about then this did. MDMA on film. The reverb on the guitar is there again, the rythm section are locked in a groove and the synths make all the right noises, especially on the Vince Clarke remix.

And you were wet.

But you're getting dryer.

You use to speak the truth.

But now you're clever.

A beautiful groove and Ryder singing along with Karl Denver, with glorious use of The Beatles 'Ticket To Ride'.

Kinky Afro
If the WFL video encapsulated the band on film, then 'Pills, Thrills and Bellyaches' was the prefect title for a Mondays album, with Kinky Afro being a perfect opener.

Bob's Yer Uncle
Played at Tony Wilsons funeral. Good choice Tony!

Step On
Iconic video of Ryder literally on an 'E'.

Stinkin' Thinkin'
The last 'proper' album before various reformations. I love the groove to this.

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