Friday 25 November 2011

Five for Friday 25/11/11

I'm going out to see Stevie Jackson at King Tuts tonight with my old mate Ian. So I am in the mood for some good tunes to get the weekend started.

We start with this absolute belter of a tune by the Frank Popp Ensemble. I first heard about them when I heard an amazing song 'Hip Teens Don't Wear Blue Jeans' on a compilation. Then I discovered this on another! Sublime!

Next up we have Erland Oye recording under the guise of the Whitest Boy Alive. I love Erland Oye's stuff after discovering him through his work with Royksopp. This is just a little beauty, I love the guitar sounds, especially on the closing instrumental.

Another song with a real groove and a real pop sound is 'Young Folks' by Peter, Bjorn and John. So catchy, so simple, brilliant production, great duet....Haven't heard this in ages. I love when a pure pop song comes out.

At the Bennicassim Festival in 2005 (highly recommended by the way), Lynn and I stumbled across a small tent and the music sucked us in. Hot Chip were playing and we fell in love with them immediately. They may well be my favourite band of the last decade, along with LCD Soundsystem. I'm sure Hot Chip will feature several time on this blog, this tune is great, I love the play on words and Hot Chip's videos are always fab.

One of the best albums I have bought over the last few years is The xx. The songwriting, playing and production combine impeccably. It truly is a brilliant album, if you don't own it, track it down.

This is 'Islands' by The xx.

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