Friday 14 October 2011

Five for Friday, 14th October 2011

5 tunes I may or may not play when I am drunk this weekend and in charge of decks at Sonny Marvello's Loch Lomond bash.

They tend to get the party started or keep it going......honestly.

Anyone who doesn't dance to this isn't worth having at your party. Little Michael's vocals soar.

One from my youth, glorious riff, so upbeat, always makes me smile.....and....... JUMP, MIGHT AS WELL JUMP!

Daft Punk don't remix or edit any old tune. They don't do too much to this magnificent guitar pop offering from Franz Ferdinand, a few nips and tucks here and there....

Guitar punk pop at its best.

And one to raise the roof. Everyone seems to know this....even if they don't.

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