Saturday 5 March 2011

Charlie Sheen (You're Living My Dream) by Sonny Marvello

Charlie Sheen is everywhere just now; you can’t read a newspaper or browse online without learning about his latest drug fuelled rant or adventure.

Well Sheen’s crazy antics have inspired Sonny Marvello to write a song in tribute to him, entitled ‘Charlie Sheen (You’re Living My Dream)’.

The band immediately recorded a video demo of the song, posting it online on the night of Wednesday 2nd March and it is already approaching 1,000 plays on YouTube.

It is an acoustic ditty with Sonny Marvello showing off how easily they can write hooks and harmonies, using Sheen’s film career to inspire the lyrics.

The best and perhaps the most poignant line has to be; ‘I saw you once in my home town, scoring some charlie’. Recalling the time when Sheen recorded a straight-to-dvd film in Glasgow and went out to Easterhouse looking to score some drugs.

Other lyrics include ‘Ferris Bueller, had a day off, but Charlie gets off every day’.

With the chorus; ‘Charlie Sheen, (Sheen, Sheen) you’re living my dream’

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