Tuesday 9 April 2024

Easy Money EP by Homework

Back in December 2023 I blogged on Homework, a new young guitar band from Glasgow. I then listed them as one of my '5 to watch' in 2024.

They've been busy! Playing a show at King Tuts in January and following that up with an EP launch party at The Hug and Pint at the end of March. Annoyingly, both dates clashed with other gigs I already had tickets for. I hope to see them live soon!

Easy Money is their second 3-track EP featuring the songs; Dummy RunHow Can You and Marina Bay Sands.

Santiago, Michael, Lizzie and Andrew describe their sound as 'volatile, loping fuzz pop, as much informed by a lifelong devotion to indie rock dieties like Pavement and Teenage Fanclub as it is by the shoddy acoustics of budget practice spaces and temperamental gear.'

In other words - right up my street!

Dummy Run sounds like running in the sunshine while overdosing on sugar, glorious guitars for almost 50-seconds before the vocals come in I'm in no hurry. Homework definitely go at their own pace! By the time hit the chorus the guitars and vocal melody are tripping over each other beautifully.

How Can You is more like running through golden leaves on an Autumn day. The vibe is a little more chilled and the melodies continue to tumble out effortlessly, how can you caress every drop of the rain?

Marina Bay Sands is lovingly described by the bands label Gold Mold Records (the EP is out on ltd edition cassette and all the usual streaming/download sites) as imagining Gerard Love on Matador. I'd say it could be a long lost Pavement and Fanclub collboration. Again, the guitars sound sublime, while the melodies and harmonies are typically playful.

Each song has been written by a different band member. Homework sound fresh, vibrant, fun and exciting and I can't wait to (finally) see them and hear what they release next.

I have heard they'll be playing soon ...

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