Monday 21 August 2017

Thanks - 10 years of the blog


Thank you all for visiting my little blog where I get to review, interview, reminisce, compile playlists and generally write about bands, artists and music I enjoy. I have even recorded a few podcasts! I need to try and find the time to do so again.

I have now been writing blogs for 10-years! Things got off to a very slow start over the first few years but I then began to write more frequently (and learn how to insert pictures, videos and links!) and people began to visit the blog regularly - some have even subscribed!

The blog has now received over 333,000 page views in 10-years, with a very large chunk of those views coming in the last few years. Regular content has definitely encouraged repeat visits. While I really write for my own enjoyment, it is nice to know that my blogs are being read and appreciated.

So thanks, I hope I might have turned you on to some bands, artists, discoveries and great music.

A lot has changed in the last 10-years; it's been nice to look back. Personally, the major change for me is that I now have 2 daughters. So in that sense the blog has taken on a whole new meaning - maybe one day as teenagers they will sit down and read some of my blogs and discover some of the music I have enjoyed.

Here, in no particular order, are 10 of my favourite blogs from 10-years of Everything Flows. Will I still be writing in 2027?!

Incidentally - the list doesn't include my all-time top blog in terms of stats which is on an incredible mix by The Man In Blue on Daft Punk - probably because it lists a lot of Daft Punk songs so it gets picked up in google searches!!!! It's a great mix so check it out.

1. Paul McCartney at Hampden Park
Ah the days where I could go out drinking all day and see a genuine legend with great friends. The sun shone, we drank, we sung and had one of my best ever experiences at a show - even though it was at Hampden! I will always remember this day and show.

Macca in action at Hampden

2. Last Night From Glasgow launch
So I co-founded a record label last year and we've done rather well! The launch party was exceptionally exciting and the friendly and appreciative audience and atmosphere was truly special. It has been quite an adventure - check the website

Stephen Solo cast a spell over the room

3. TeenCanteen present The Girl Effect and the review
My sister did something rather special to celebrate her 30th birthday. I interviewed her (it was nice to catch up!) and then reviewed the show which raised an exceptional amount of money and awareness for Scottish Womens Aid. Bands and artists including Duglas T Stewart, Norman Blake, Eugene Kelly, The Spook School and Machines In Heaven came together to play girl group covers - awesome!

A very happy sister

4. Remember Remember at Bar Brel 
My wife and I sat in the front row at Bar Brel and witnessed a staggering show by Remember Remember. I could have stretched a leg and pressed a couple of Graeme Ronald's effects pedals I was that close. Instead I just sat open mouthed at the way Graeme and his 6 piece band conjoured up beautiful soundscapes - they really took us on a journey and it was very memorable in such an intimate venue.

Remember Remember - Graeme Donald

5. Stone Roses at Heaton Park and Stone Roses in Amsterdam 
I never thought I would get to see them live. In 2012 I caught them twice in quick succession and both shows were very memorable for different reasons. The Sunday at Heaton Park was mind blowing, a real celebration of the Roses music.

6. Sonny Marvello at Rowardennan Youth Hostel
Where and when did I find the energy to manage a band and co-ordinate a mini-festival at a youth hostel on the banks of Loch Lomond? Oh yeah, before kids. Well our eldest was a few months old and I was kindly allowed out for the night!

This felt like a real achievement; bringing together some great people to watch great bands and artists. As Marty McFly would say - you put your mind to it and you can accomplish anything.

7. Churches/Chrvches at the Art School 
I've seen loads of great shows by unsigned bands and heard all kinds of rumours about labels coming up to scout, but never in all my gig going years have I experienced anything like I did at the first official show by Chvrches....or Churches as they were then known. The buzz was enormous, almost as big as their shiny pop tunes, they delivered and then some.

8. Echo and the Bunnymen at The Concert Hall 
Memorable for not all the right reasons as Ian McCulloch had a bit of a melt down and stormed off the stage. But hey, that is rock n roll.

I really enjoyed reading this blog again and my line about the fact that Coldplay would never do something like this! Of course they wouldn't and that is one of the reasons the Bunnymen and McCulloch have lasted the test of time. They are special, unique and unpredictable.

9. Ronnie Spector 
I have been fortunate to catch many legends from the 60's. Macca, Wilson, Arthur Lee, Martha Reeves (I have even danced on stage with her), Marlena Shaw, The Who, Neil Young..... but this was pretty special. What a voice!

10. Futuristic Retro Champions at Mono 
DIY pop at its best as the FRC's held a mini-festival in Mono that ended with Samba Ya Bamba playing! Their single had artwork by Martin Creed and he turned up to play with his band, Eugene Kelly played, the FRC's blasted out infectious pop music and then we danced like crazy to Samba Ya Bamba. A special night and again, as Marty McFly once said you put your mind to it and you can accomplish anything.

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