Tuesday 28 March 2017

Raining On Hope Street

We have experienced all kinds of weather in Glasgow recently. This time last week it was snowing, at the weekend we had glorious sunshine and the previous week brought torrential downpours.

That week, I walked through central Glasgow as the rain poured from grey skies, the streets shimmered with car headlights bouncing off the water and people scurried to cars, buses and trains. I trudged down to Central Station and was reminded that I had a blog to finish and publish.

With a title that instantly connects with Glaswegians, Raining On Hope Street, is the latest single by Spinning Coin, available digitally and on lovely 7-inch vinyl by the good folks at Geographic.

You can read a previous blog on their debut single and interview with Sean Armstrong HERE

On to Raining On Hope Street - Fuzzy and chiming reverb-y guitars combine with strained and soulful vocals over a shuffling beat to create the kind of song that I love. The lyrics are playful and heart warming; statements of advice, intent, friendship and love. The poetic every day line about milk and tea is genius. The advice to just walk at dawn is heartfelt beauty.

don't go racing cars out on the ridge
just walk at dawn instead

if you're coming home can you bring some milk?
i want to make a brew

if I had a love heart, I'd give it to you
I would give it to you

surely giving it away is a start
I'm giving away my heart
As we go out
Don't be scared
I'm your friend

The promo film by Blair Young is just perfect; shimmering sunshine like the shimmering guitars.

Spinning Coin have been super busy in the year since I first blogged about them; playing a number of headline shows, touring with Teenage Fanclub, recording with Edwyn Collins and really gearing up for the release of their debut album, due in August.

A late summer release will be perfect timing for the Spinning Coin sound. It feels like an age since I fell hook, line and sinker for a Glasgow guitar band and all the signs are pointing to this being a lasting relationship.

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Robin McLeary said...

Think it's just walk the dog instead. Which I think you'll agree is a better line!