Monday 6 February 2017

Introducing Parcels

WOW - sometimes you take a chance on something and that chance is repaid tenfold and more. Earlier on today I was flicking through the new releases on Spotify - not something I usually do. I liked the title of an EP and band so checked it out. I then spent the next 20 odd minutes pottering about my kitchen enjoying some fine crafted electronic pop music - checking the name of each song and vowing to write a blog on it.

So it was the Hideout EP by a band called Parcels that I discovered, released via exceptionally hip French label Kitsune. The band (all under 22) list their hometowns as Berlin and Byron Bay. 

Think Prince, Royksopp, Daft Punk, Chic and Erland Oye and you have an idea of the polished pop with wah wah guitar and crystal clear vocals. 

Myenemy opens proceedings; the synths and keys underpin a bass groove and the vocals have a soulful and uplifting feel to them.

Gamesofluck immediately draws you in; the groove just continues effortlessly from the opener they build it up, take it down, bring in the beats, throw in some funky guitar and generally make it all sound ridiculously easy to create brilliant pop music. Far too many artists have songs that last far too long these days, I'm still left wanting more after 5 minutes 48 seconds - a good sign.

The title track is pure bliss, the vocals are so clear and true, the melodies are thoughtful and hooky. The beat kicks in and just takes things higher - brilliant stuff.

Older is playful guitar pop, harmonies and a sense of urgency. Allaround has a real Royksopp Melody AM feel to it - lazy sublime vocals and melodies but they have the ability to increase the pace when required.

All in all this is a gorgeous EP. 

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