Tuesday 28 July 2015

Wickerman - Hector Bizerk, Example and Optimo

As the previous blog mentioned, the Everything Flows team expanded to 4 for the weekend and on the Saturday night we were all off doing different things across the site.....

Guest blog by Reddy....

And so all back to the Optimo after party

After the eaglefaced Wickerman had fired fireworks from his fingers, and the entire structure had burnt to the deck – we adjourned to the main bar area to return to the SubClub. 

Dancing with the neon facepainted kids, the music was banging and the party vibe was in full effect – Absintine made an appearance on the dancefloor, along with Kate Bush with her cloudbursting, Prodigy took your brain to another dimension – it was the age of love for a committed number of focused dancers. Optimo knew where we were and where we wanted to be and reminded us with their final song, Lost In Music.

Earlier Example had got the packed main crowd jumping and fist pumping to his and DJ Wire’s party and indeed cheesy beats – Example ‘kickstarted’ his set with some bouncing tunes, with DJ Wire providing the dancebeats; it seemed like the party was going to continue well into the night. However with a strangely lo-key exit from the stage, the mood lowered and we all got into position to witness the Wickerman’s grand gesture.

The finest hip-hop storytelling happened before the cheese-pop of Example; Hector Bizerk rocked the Scooter tent with frontman Louie getting the crowd totally in the zone, including a flag-waving breakdancer and an artist painting out the Wickerman scene as the gig flowed along proving an additional visual to Louie’s tight rhymes and manic performance with ‘Party at A&E’ topping the bill. The set might have been cut slightly but everyone who saw Audrey and Louie will remember the all-round party-zone and especially the lowering onto their hunkers and bouncing aloft…

Photo by Gordon Reid

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