Monday, 22 June 2015

Mogwai at Glasgow Barrowland

If Phil Spector created the wall of sound,

Mogwai have created a f**king forcefield.

Last nights Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom show to celebrate 20-years of music was sonically sensational, fierce, beautiful, brutal, jaw dropping, ear shattering and spine tinglingly amazing.

My friend and I were genuinely blown away by the majestic power and beauty created on the legendary Barrowland stage. Almost literally at one point during Mogwai Fear Satan in the encore as the band let things drop before absolutely exploding back into life.

I can only liken it to the bit in Back To The Future when Marty McFly plugs his guitar in and turns everything up, plays a chord and is blown across the room. It was utterly amazing.

As you can imagine; there was a lot of love in the room last night for a local band playing the second of two sold out nights to celebrate 20-years since their first release.

The band gave plenty back though; a 3 strong support bill (with The Vaselines on incredible rip roaring form) and a collection for the local foodbank said a lot about Mogwai's values as a band. They look after their friends, promote their influences and firmly believe in a more equal society with Braithwaite dedicating a song to everyone who had taken part in the anti austerity march in Glasgow the previous day.

The band eased us gently into a 2-hour trip with a light show that matched the music and mood superbly. The band coaxed gorgeous little sounds from their guitars at one moment before unleashing ferocious riffs at others, underpinned by bass grooves, the most amazing sounding drums and keys/synths at times.

Braithwaite was always quick to thank the crowd for coming, highlighting that he knew many had travelled extensively to be there.

New Paths to Helicon was stunning, Remurdered from Rave Tapes was incredible and the aforementioned Mogwai Fear Satan was mind blowing but in truth this was all one remarkable show.

Musically and visually, this was a night to remember.

Setlist; 21st June 2015

  1. Yes I Am A Long Way From Home
  2. Travel Is Dangerous
  3. Friend of the Night
  4. Christmas Steps
  5. You Don't Know Jesus
  6. New Paths to Helicon Pt 1
  7. Rano Pano
  8. Tracy
  9. Remurdered
  10. George Square Thatcher Death Party
  11. Mexican Grand Prix
  12. My Father, My King
  1. 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong
  2. Mogwai Fear Satan
  3. Glasgow Mega-Snake

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