Thursday, 23 October 2014

Crash Club featuring Ian Mackinnon - Recondition

Crash Club are an electronic outfit hailing from Ayrshire that I have been aware of for a number of years. I've caught them live on a few occasions and I've always been impressed by the electronic soundscapes they create. Crash Club seem to have been building up a bit of momentum over the last 18-months or so - their live shows are reaching new levels, leading to them being nominated for best electro act at the SAMA's this year. They have also been keen (and clever) to introduce guest vocalists - mixing styles and keeping them on their toes.

Crash Club are predominantly based around the electronic musical talent and brains of Sammy Todd, ably assisted by Neal McHarg providing Mani circa XTRMNTR bass lines and his brother Aran on guitar. Guest drummers join them - powerhouse Calum Muir being one of them - well worth seeing live.

Recondition is their latest single, featuring the guest vocals of Ian MacKinnon from the promising Medicine Men.

Crash Club cite Leftfield and the Chemical Brothers amongst their influences and that certainly comes across in the intro to Recondition - pulsating electro is mixed with rock guitars, creating the kind of groove that makes people move. There is a brief pause before the vocals kick in;

show me pleasure if it's there to be had
a premonition
my recondition

Recondition has been released at the right time for Crash Club as they continue to build momentum into 2015 and they have to be looking to release an album as they have an ever growing song base to choose from.

Crash Club are supporting The Klaxon's at the ABC in Glasgow this coming Monday - 27th October. To fully appreciate Crash Club you have to see them live and they will sound superb through the ABC sound system.

Crash Club will also be helping Tijuana Bible and Medicine Men bring in the New Year at King Tut's on 31st December.

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